How To Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

Last Updated: July, 2020


Blogging in Canada has become popular because of the many opportunities it presents to bloggers.

You can start a blog for fun, to display your creative writing skills, start a work from home business, and enhance your online presence.

Today, you can find bloggers in this country earning six-figure incomes doing what they love, blogging.

If you are looking to start your blog to make money online, then you are in the right place. We are going to look at blog meaning and steps to start your blog in no time.

How To Make Money Blogging

What is a Blog?

A blog refers to an online journal as well as an informational website. A platform where writers share their views on a particular subject.

You may also start blogging if you want to boost your traffic and send quality leads to your site.

The more you publish quality posts, the higher the chances your website will be discovered and visited by the target audience. If you add an amazing call to action (CTA), it can convert your web traffic into top quality leads.

So, blogging refers to a set of skills that you need to control and run an online journal. The first thing you need to do is decide on the domain name. Make sure that your blog name is descriptive so potential readers can tell what it is all about.

For example, if you have a cooking blog, including words such as recipes, meals, and food can help readers know that your journal is all about cooking.

Second, get your blog online. If you want to get your journal up and running, you will need blog hosting as well as blogging software. Third, customize your blog. This involves changing your blog layout and design.

Fourth, write and publish a post. Once you set up your online journal, you need to start blogging and publish a blog post.

By the time you are promoting your online journal, you might be asking yourself how long does it take to make money blogging?

Blogging requires dedication and work, but once you have a captive audience, it can take you between 6 months to 1 year to start making money. Perhaps sooner.

Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche

For you to stand out in your niche, you don’t have to choose a unique topic and be the only one who wrote on it. Instead, you need to write better than most people in your niche.

There are many profitable niches you can choose, which can help you maximize your earnings online. The most important things you need to consider before you select a money-making niche include:

  • The demand for the blog content.

  • The number of blogs on that specific topic.

  • Estimated income and revenue opportunities potential.

  • The following are some of the most profitable blogging niches that you can choose.


This is an excellent niche for maximizing the earnings of bloggers. Monetization networks, as well as Google Adsense, have high payouts for bloggers working in the finance niche. Also, there is an opportunity for finance bloggers to join a wide array of affiliate programs.

Health and Fitness

As the old saying goes, your health is your greatest wealth, and many people are cautious about their health and wellness. So, you will find many people searching on Google about their health symptoms and issues. As such, expect the health and fitness niche to increase in traffic and generate more revenues over time.


Another niche you can choose if you want to earn income is technology. Technology is an evergreen niche chosen by bloggers because it gets high pay per click monetization.


Insurance is a niche that is highly prioritized by top-level monetization networks. This niche can generate many streams of income.


The food niche has the potential to drive a lot of traffic to your website. For every click you get, the monetization network will reward you handsomely. You can even use this niche to sell your e-books and cooking recipes.

Start Publishing Great Content

So, you have set up your great online journal. The next and probably the most challenging thing you need to do is create a killer post.

Note that a blog with mediocre content is nothing but one of the millions of published blog posts, but a blog with great content can bring money to your business. With that said, you must know the importance of great composition for the success of your blog.

If you have excellent text, it means that you will be able to attract traffic, gain credibility, and make money. Great content for your article doesn’t have to be text-only; it can also be videos, images, audio, or infographics.

Your content should include text if you want to achieve a high ranking on search engines like Google. For your text material to qualify as great, it should be unbiased, meaningful, insightful, spelling and grammar free, and easy to read.

If you want to publish great content for your site, the first thing you need to do is choose a topic that you enjoy writing. An online journal that makes money should have lots of content, and you need to have many topics and ideas that you can cover every week. Also, ensure that the topics you select have a decent audience.

If you want your post to bring money every month, then you need people to buy products on your site or advertisers to pay dollars for ad space. This can only happen if you select topics that have a decent audience. 

You must be specific to the topic that you want to write about because there could be thousands of articles written about it. Note that popular topics have a larger audience but are very competitive.

Generate Traffic to Your Site

It is impossible to make money blogging in Canada if nobody knows it exists. You do not require a certain amount of visitors to earn an income blogging, but certain things play a role. However, the more traffic you generate from your target audience, the more likely you are to make money online.

The first way you can generate traffic to your website is through social media. The good thing about social media is that it helps diversify your traffic sources to draw in new readers. Make sure you choose networks that are best suited for your target market. Another way you can generate traffic to your site is by being strategic about your content.

If you want to generate traffic to your site, the best thing you can do as a blogger is to create better text. You probably have come across the term content is king. However, generating better composition is not just about quality. It means being strategic with your content as well as marketing efforts.

For you to come up with strategic content, you need to create successful content that meets your specific needs.

Utilizing keywords and SEO can also help drive traffic to your post. Today, some advertisers and sites compete for popular keywords. So the question is, how do you stand out from competitors? The answer is long-tail keywords that refer to search phrases that consist of 3+ keywords.

You can also optimize for mobile and speed if you want to generate traffic to your online journal. Site visitors are going to spend time waiting for your page to load. In case your web page is not loading up fast, they will go back and move to the next site on the search engine results page. Make sure that you optimize your website for mobile devices as well as speed.

Build a Community Around Your Brand

After you create killer content for your website and generate traffic, the next thing you need to do is build a community around your brand. It is common to see beginners skipping this part and jumping to where they make money.

Before you begin to make sales or conversions, you need to gain the trust of users, and this can be obtained through community building. Building a community around your brand is all about offering a platform for loyal followers as well as customers to talk about your ideas.

In other words, community building is about creating a community of people who will follow your blog and interact with your composition. This is also a platform where you connect with customers and receive feedback. Simply put, building a community is all about building authority. If you want to create a community, you need to do the following:

Social Media Networking

This means you should choose a social media platform that is suitable for your audience. There are many social media networks that you can use, but because you are beginning to establish your blog’s brand, you should concentrate on channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Make sure that you have a social presence in the channels that potential followers are in.

Email Marketing

People who subscribe to your blog form a crucial part of your website. You can get in touch with people on your email list when you have new content for your online journal. However, this cannot happen from the first day; you need to gain trust by offering value via your emails.

Web Push Notifications

Another way you can connect with your community is via web push notifications. If you register for push notifications, you will be notified every time there is a new post published.

How to Make Money Blogging in Canada

Blogging is all about your readers. The best way to make money blogging in Canada is by choosing hot topics popular among Canadians, such as fashion, lifestyle, travel, tourism, finance, and business. Also, you can use the following methods to make money blogging in Canada.

Affiliate Programs

The first way to make money as a blogger is to attract income via affiliate programs. The good thing about affiliate programs is that it enables you to sell goods and services via referral links. Once a visitor logs in to a seller’s website with your referral links and completes a purchase, they will earn a commission.

Some of the affiliate marketing network sites you can find products to promote on your online journal include Commission Junction and ShareASale.

Earn From Advertising

Another way to make money blogging is by advertising on your website. Advertising income refers to money that you earn from ad platforms such as Google AdSense, which pays you for displaying their ads on your website. As a blogger, you will be paid each time a visitor clicks on the ad.


The good thing about product endorsement is that it helps you earn the highest income as a blogger. However, you should only rely on endorsements if you are a seasoned blogger or public figure with a huge following.

Selling E-books

E-books are a fantastic way of generating attractive income via your site. You can choose any topic you want and write an E-book about it. Remember that content is king, and that is what will attract customers to you.


You can also make money blogging by creating a series of podcast content and offer it via a small fee or a paid service. You can add this content to visitors who are unable to spend too much time reading written text and prefer listening to the content.


Blogging for money is not impossible if you live in Canada. Many bloggers are making a living through their blogs selling products/ services through affiliate marketing or by selling ad space.

But for you to make a decent income working online, you need to learn, work, and exercise patience. For you to be a successful blogger, you need to publish blogs with killer content, build a community around your website, and use different means to make money.

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