Best Travel Insurance For Canadians | All the Benefits You Can Lodge a Claim For

August 3, 2021 | Editorial Team

The Canadian Government recommends Canadians to secure travel insurance before making any trips.

Typical medical coverage may not provide help for emergency medical needs outside of Canada. You may recover a small percentage of your medical bills from the government health plan.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is necessary because medical charges in foreign hospitals can be expensive. So, if you don’t have an active health insurance plan, making sure you insure for travel is a must.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Like life insurance, travel insurance provides international benefits and protection. You get emergency medical coverage when you take trips out of the country. This insurance coverage guarantees help for financial and other travel-related losses.

Government health insurance only covers you for local medical care. But, if you need emergency medical treatment during your trip abroad, this plan entitles you to benefits. Additionally, you can receive coverage if you lose baggage or if you get delayed on your journey.

Specific exclusions may apply, such as pre-existing conditions. Not all situations can entitle you to a claim on your travel or health insurance plan, either. So, you need to check the specifics of your travel insurance coverage.

What’s Included With Travel Insurance?

With so many changes taking place globally, it’s essential to clarify what coverage your insurance has. You can thoroughly discuss your emergency medical coverage with an insurance broker.

If you already have coverage in place, make sure to revisit the plan with your agent to confirm continued enjoyment of the benefits you signed up for.

Here are important inclusions any travel insurance should provide.

  1. Medical transport. This is an important feature because you never know when you may need medical evacuation. Your policy should help transfer you to an emergency medical care facility. Your insurance provider should also pay for the cost of your transport there.
  2. Your pre-existing conditions. You should confirm your eligibility to claim expenses for pre-existing medical conditions. This is important to ensure you can get financial benefits if you incur emergency medical expenses.
  3. Repatriation. This feature will ensure that your remains go back to Canada in the unfortunate event that you pass away.

What’s the Best Travel Insurance to go For?

The best travel insurance would be the one that provides the most benefits at a price you can pay. Basic travel benefits are not the only aspect travel insurance provides. Some companies offer the following coverage for international trips.

  • Delayed trip expenses. This could be necessary accommodation, rebooking expenses, a rental car, and connecting flights.
  • Baggage loss or damage.
  • Coverage for your pre-existing condition.
  • Any reason for trip cancellation.

Where Can You Get Travel Insurance?

There are several means of getting travel insurance. The following are some places where you can take out a policy.

  • Travel centre or agent. You can secure travel insurance when you visit a travel centre to book and buy trip arrangements. Travel agents do book flights and lodging. They can also assist you in acquiring travel insurance coverage.
  • Insurance brokers. The connections brokers have with insurance companies may provide you with various options.
  • Your credit card company. You may qualify for travel insurance just by paying your trip expenses via credit card. Inquire with your provider for any current promotions you may be eligible for.

Let’s Answer Some FAQ’s About Travel Insurance

Can You Still Qualify for Travelling Insurance After COVID 19?

Many countries’ governments, including the Canadian Government, advised against non-essential travel internationally during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many airlines announced they were cancelling flights, and you were unable to get a booking.

Trips after March 13, 2020, no longer qualify for travel coverage. Trip cancellation claims are no longer payable from that date. Confirm with your agent because you may wrongly think you are travel insured during your trips.

Does, or Did Travel Insurance Global Pandemics?

Your travel plan may not provide coverage for pandemic related claims. This exclusion may likely apply to emergency medical costs incurred on any trip after March 13, 2020.

Your life insurance and other standard insurance plans probably provide coverage. Family coverage should entitle your family to benefits in case of sickness. You may want to confirm your medical emergency benefits during a health crisis. Similarly, update your insurance company if any new conditions arose. You don’t want to find out you are no longer eligible for medical care when you need it.

Does Travel Insurance Cover All Trip Cancellations?

Travel insurance places limits on coverage for trip cancellations. Foreseeable events do not count. Though, there is a debate on what’s considered foreseeable or not. To make sure you’re completely covered, any-reason trip cancellation coverage is available. This is a separate or extra option for your insurance plan.

Do You Need to Purchase Travel Insurance from Your Airline to Cover Trip Cancellations?

No, not always. Airlines will refund you 100% of your flight bill if said airline cancels your flight. You don’t need to have separate insurance for that.

If you want coverage in case you cancel a trip, you have the option to buy extra coverage.

The Bottom Line

Government health insurance mostly covers local emergencies. That’s why having separate travel insurance is essential. This is especially important to have if you can’t avoid going on a trip during a global health threat.

If you do need to travel abroad, be aware of any changes to your current travel insurance coverage. Also, know what updated benefits you can qualify for. Some companies have reworked their travel insurance to assist travellers more completely. Others have cut back the number of benefits you can lodge a claim for.

So, it is important to know your rights and limits. Sometimes, a change in your provider is a better option. The bottom line is that travel insurance is invaluable. You never know when something might happen while you’re abroad.