Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Last Updated: June, 2020

Health Insurance Canada

Canada’s universal health-care system covers major things like surgery and hospitalization. It does not include a lot of other things, such as dentist visits and glasses. If you do not have benefits through your workplace, you will have to pay for these out of pocket.

To help you cover these expenses, you can buy health insurance. The type of plan you want will depend on your needs and those of your family.

Health Insurance

Health insurance should cover prescription medicine. You should check how much of the cost of prescription an insurance company will cover. You also need to know if they will always cover “brand name” prescriptions or only generic ones.

Another issue health insurance can help with is dental issues. You should ask the insurance company what they cover (e.g. cleanings, root canals, fillings, etc.). You also need to find out if they have a yearly cap. A cap is an amount, after which the company will not pay any more during a calendar year.

A third thing your health insurance should cover is eye exams and eyeglasses. Ask the company how often they will cover eye exams and new glasses, and how much of the cost they include.

Also check what kind of therapies your insurance policy will cover, and for how much. A robust insurance policy will offer coverage for a lot. Consider if you’ll need physiotherapy, a chiropractor, or a podiatrist.

Health insurance can also help with other medical costs. These costs can include things like oxygen, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Take some time to consider your needs before shopping for health insurance. You can then use an online calculator from a health insurance company to get a free quote. Or, you can find a health insurance broker to shop around for you.

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