Last Updated: March, 2020

Travel insurance can protect your funds if you need to cancel or make changes. Most policies will reimburse you if you cancel or delay your trip due to illness or injury.

You can also use travel insurance for smaller issues, such as broken items in your luggage. You can also have financial protection for lost, stolen or damaged items.

The first thing you should look for in travel insurance is what it covers in case of cancellation. A good travel insurance policy should let you cancel with a full reimbursement. It should include a variety of reasons – for example, a death in the family, or you break your leg before the trip.

Something else to look for is medical coverage. If you get ill or injured while out of the country, travel insurance should cover you. It can provide reimbursement for hospitalization, doctor’s visits, and medicine.

Travel insurance should also cover you for worse case scenarios. If a hurricane or earthquake occurs, insurance should cover your evacuation costs. It should also include the fees of your early return, such as missed days at a hotel.

Travel insurance can also cover your belongings. If you lose an expensive item like a laptop or jewellery, insurance will cover it. Travel insurance may cover theft of items like cameras or other expensive electronics.

Another item to look for in travel insurance is coverage for a missed departure. This coverage is beneficial if you have connecting flights or a booking, such as a cruise.

Consider your needs carefully when shopping for travel insurance. Shop around to get the best policy and the best price. Be sure to read the fine print to know what is and isn’t covered.

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