Rogers Stocks | Our Guide to Help You Make an Informed Investment Decision

October 12, 2021 | Editorial Team

Rogers Communications Inc. is a Canadian media company. The company offers wireless segment communications products under the Freedom Mobile brand name. Rogers Communications Inc. was established in 1960. The company settles in Toronto, Canada.

It operates as an integrated service provider. It offers fixed-line telephone services over copper wire networks. Rogers Corp also provides a mobile virtual network operator. The mobile operator resells cellular airtime from other carriers on behalf of consumers. 

Stock Information

Zacks Investment Research provides stock analysis for Rogers Communications. It is the leading provider of stock research and investment advice to investors. Rogers Communication Stock hands over an annual dividend of C$2.00 per ration. The dividend is payable on the last day of each month to shareholders of record. The company’s market-leading products include:

Toronto, Canada: The headquarters of Canadian telecom/media giant Rogers Communications Inc

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Stock information is not intended for trading purposes. You can use the information only as a reference to the financial position of Rogers Media.

Stock Forecast, Price & News

The closing stock price is 46.64 as of 30th September 2021. The highest closing stock price recorded was 55.72 on 22nd February 2019.

The average closing stock price for the last 12 months is 48.04. The lowest closing stock price was 39.42, that’s 15.5 percent below the current stock price. The highest closing stock price was 53.90 percent which is 15.6% above the current stock price.

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Investors can choose from Canadian Stocks, US Stocks, and International stocks. Investors may also select a specific country to invest in. You can choose the “Canada” or “US” option on the top right of the page. The site is free for investors, but Rogers charges fees for brokerage accounts.

The annual analysts offering price forecasts for Rogers Media Corp have an average of 233.00. There is a high approximate of 280.00 and a low approximate of 225.00. The company has to stabilize the market capitalization to balance the sheet. It has to plan to cut costs for years to come. Get the latest news on stocks you care about sent to your inbox.

Rogers Stock Price News & Trends 

Rogers stock is using predictive indicators to help investors make better investment decisions. Investors can also track historical price patterns and see how they compare with the current market conditions. The following is a list of some of the trendy tools used by Roger’s investors to predict what affects the stock price changes:

1) Technical Analysis, which uses charts, graphs, and other technical data to predict future prices movements and identify potential trading opportunities.

2) Fundamental Analysis which looks at Roger’s earnings growth, sales volume, etc., to determine whether or not it makes sense for an investor to buy shares now.

3) Indicators that indicate when buying or selling might be profitable. 

4) Sentiment Tools that analyze public opinion about companies and their products to gauge what investors think about various brands and decide if they should invest in them.

5) Stock Screener Software lets users screen specific securities to only trade stocks that meet certain criteria.

What Are the Values of Rogers’ Stocks?

The current agreement of investment scrutinizers is to sell stock in Rogers Corp. The average annual price target for the stock is $1.00 per share. That implies an upside potential over that period. The three brokerages that cover the company are:

  • Raymond James Financial Inc.
  • BMO Capital Markets
  • CIBC World Markets

Marketbeat Community Rating for Rogers

The MarketBeat community rates what users think about Rogers Corporation and its stocks. You can pick Outperform if you think the stock will surpass the average P/E ratio. You can also choose Underperform if you think the stock will flop throughout the long run. You might vote once every 30 days.

What’s the Difference Between RCI A and RCI B?

RCI is a brand name for Rogers Communication International. It was the Canadian National Railway, which later became part of CN Rail. Toronto Rogers Communications Inc is an asset for Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE). BCE, which now refers to its services in Canada.

In some cases, this may be confusing as Bell Media Company owns both companies. For example:

  • “RCI-A” refers to cable television service provided by Bell TV or its predecessors.
  • “RCI-B” refers to the wireless telephone service offered by Bell Mobility.
a woman trading with stocks from her mobile phone

Rogers Communications Stock FAQs

This section answers questions asked by investors, analysts, and the media. The questions are about Rogers’ business operations, financial performance, and prospects. It doesn’t constitute all aspects of business or an analysis of our results of operations.

This lists questions and answers about the stock market. That is investing in stocks (see Robo advisors) and other related topics.

Is Rogers Communication Stock a Buy?

All information provided above is reliable. We cannot guarantee its accuracy. Always perform due diligence before buying the stocks mentioned. Do NOT invest more money than you can afford to lose. You should use our site for informational purposes only.

What Do You Think About Rogers Communications Stock Price Today?

The information presented here is accurate. Yet, mistakes could happen. Opinions expressed here reflect our analysis and opinion. Past performance doesn’t predict future results. Make sure you follow updates online & never miss meaningful trading opportunities. Also, check out the 5G stocks and other top stocks in Canada to buy now – stay tuned, make good decisions, and trade safely!

What Is the Accuracy of Stock Price Information?

The exchange delays for stock quotes are at least 15 minutes. But, the delays may run up to an hour or more during periods of high volume. Contact us by phone or visit our live chat dealers who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for further help.

Is the Data Provided About Investing Considered as an Offer?

The data provided as-is is for informational purposes. Investors should not consider the data as a solicitation or offer. It is not intended to provide legal, tax, investment advice, and financial recommendations. Some of the data investors should not consider getting advice on include:

  • suitability
  • profitability
  • potential value increases
  • risk management strategies
  • liquidity positions
  • tax liabilities
  • market trends
  • matters about specific investments

About Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications Inc. is a diversified media company that provides voice, data, and Internet services to residential customers. Rogers Communications Inc. has three segments: Wireless, Cable and Broadcast Television, and Media Solutions.

The wireless communication segment provides customers with wireless, mobile phone, and data services. This is through the Bell Mobility network of companies BCE Inc. and other regional carriers. The cable segment offers clients with:

  • voice communications
  • television, telephony services
  • high-speed Internet
  • “smart” property monitoring services

The communication media segment owns the Rogers Centre event venue. It also owns the Toronto Blue Jays league baseball team. The communication media segment offers:

  • radio and television broadcasting
  • digital media
  • a multi-platform shopping experience
  • publishing services

The company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries are Rogers Wireless and Fido. For more information about Rogers, please visit 

The Bottom Line

Rogers Communications Inc.’s headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario. The company is on the New York Stock Exchange list under the symbol RCI. Rogers Communications Inc. runs as a media company that makes it possible for people to connect in Canada. Follow us @ROGERS_COMMUNICATIONS.