Motorcycle Insurance Toronto | What’s the Best Search Engine to Get the Right Policy for You?

October 16, 2021 | Editorial Team

Toronto, Ontario, is often known for its horrendous traffic and construction work. Yet the city still has many motorcyclists. If you are one of them, you may be looking into motorcycle insurance in Ontario. As there are so many Ontario motorcycle insurance companies, heading over to Kanetix to start your search is an excellent place to start!

Best Motorcycle Insurance in Toronto


RATESDOTCA is one of the most well-established insurance search engines in Canada. They partner with a variety of insurance providers. Whether you need home insurance or car and motorcycle insurance, RATESDOTCA can help you find the perfect insurance provider and estimate the motorcycle insurance premiums.

RATESDOTCA is partnered with more than 50 insurance providers across Canada. They are partnered with some of the most popular insurers in Canada, including Aviva, RBC Insurance and Sonnet. RATESDOTCA has helped millions of Canadians find a new insurance plan.

They can help you get a quote for motorcycle insurance in Ontario quickly and easily. All you need to do is input some personal information and information about your motorcycle and select the coverage type you want. You can also choose from a list of optional add-ons.

RATESDOTCA will then provide a list of free, no-obligation insurance quotes for you to choose from.

To finalize coverage, select the quote that best fits your insurance needs and finances. You can then set up a call with RATESDOTCA, who will sort out the insurance coverage for you.

RATESDOTCA even offers some discounts on your insurance premium. You may receive a discount if:

  • You bundle your insurance policies.
  • You install a security system on your motorcycle.
  • You take a certified motorcycle course.
  • You belong to a connected alumni or association.

Getting your list of personalized insurance quotes from the best insurance companies is entirely free. So what are you waiting for? Head over to their website now to find the best insurance rates in Ontario!

2. InsuranceHotline

InsuranceHotline is an insurance comparison site based in Toronto. Millions of Canadians use InsuranceHotline every year. They are partnered with more than 30 insurance providers across the country.

It takes less than 5 minutes to compare motorcycle insurance quotes. InsuranceHotline will display unbiased results from multiple insurers.

InsuranceHotline is partnered with some of Canada’s most popular motorcycle insurance providers. This includes Aviva, RSA, and Echelon Insurance.  

When considering the cost of your motorcycle insurance, InsuranceHotline will look at:

  • Your age and driving experience.
  • Your insurance history.
  • Your address.
  • How often and how far you drive.
  • Your motorcycle and any modifications.
  • The class of license you have.
  • If you’ve taken a registered motorcycle course.

InsuranceHotline allows you to choose your own deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be.

There are other ways to save on your motorcycle insurance with InsuranceHotline. You can bundle your motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies. You could also install an anti-theft device or join an established motorcycle riders club.

InsuranceHotline also offers educational resources online. It can include tips on how to save on your motorcycle insurance and safe driving tips.

Visit Insurance Hotline’s website for your free motorcycle insurance quotes.

3. StreetRider

Our next offering is StreetRider – Ontario’s number one choice for motorcycle insurance. They are an exclusive motorcycle insurance provider. StreetRider claims to offer the best motorcycle insurance rates in the province.

StreetRider is a product of Youngs Insurance Broker Ltd. Youngs has more than 100 years of experience providing insurance in Ontario. Both StreetRider and Youngs Insurance Broker Ltd are motorcycle experts who know and love Ontario. This means they can offer tailor-made coverage designed with riding in Toronto – and wider Ontario – in mind.

Motorcycle insurance is available for Cruisers, Touring Bikes, and Standard Bikes. StreetRider offers customizable coverage at the best rates. They offer additional discounts through the exclusive StreetRider Insurance Program.

You will be connected to a StreetRider Motorcycle Specialist. They will tailor your insurance quotes to your requirements and budget. StreetRider prides itself on upholding the highest level of service.

StreetRider has more than 28 offices across Ontario. You can visit an office in person or contact StreetRider online or over the phone for more information or your free, no-obligation quote.

4. BrokerLink

Our next offering is one of Canada’s largest insurance brokers. BrokerLink has been operating since 1991. They offer motorcycle insurance in Toronto for a range of bikes. These include cruisers, touring bikes, sports bikes, mopeds, and dirt bikes.

BrokerLink offers customized insurance plans based on your driving habits, insurance requirements and budget. BrokerLink provides you with a list of insurance quotes and helps you compare insurance policies.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get your insurance quotes. You can apply for your quotes online or over the phone. BrokerLink’s experienced insurance professionals help you to compare quotes and choose the best policy for you.

As well as standard insurance coverage, BrokerLink also offers additional coverage options, including:

  • Civil Liability
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Accessory and Upgrade Loss of Use
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Motorcycle Replacement Coverage

BrokerLink also offers you additional savings options. For example, if you bundle insurance policies together or take a motorcycle driving course.

Getting motorcycle insurance quotes from BrokerLink is quick and easy. Quotes are free of charge and there is no obligation required. Visit BrokerLink’s website today for more information.

5. PC Insurance

Our final offering is another motorcycle insurance broker. PC Insurance shops with up to eight insurance companies to offer you the best possible rates.

PC Insurance is partnered with popular motorcycle insurance providers. These include Aviva, Travelers, and Intact Insurance.

PC Insurance will help you to find an insurance policy that follows Ontario’s legal requirements. They will only offer you insurance plans that cover Third-Party Liability, Uninsured Motorists, Accident Benefits and Direct Compensation Coverage. Any optional extras can also be added to your policy.

PC Insurance’s claims line is open 24/7. If you need any help or advice or need to make a claim, this gives you the peace of mind that you can contact them any time of the day or night.

PC Insurance offers you some great tips on how to reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance. These tips include:

  • Bundle different types of insurance into one policy.
  • Take a rider training program.
  • Don’t ride with a passenger.
  • Keep a clean driving record.
  • Purchase a less powerful bike.

Visit PC Insurance’s website today for more information or to obtain your free quotes.

Different Types of Motorcycle Insurance in Toronto

Insurance for a motorcycle in Ontario is based on the type of license you have. There are three different types of licenses: M, M1, and M2, and consequently, there are three different types of motorcycle insurance.

Regardless of the type, all Canadian motorcyclists must legally have basic insurance to drive a motorcycle. Basic Ontario insurance, motorcycle or car, must include four things.

  • The first is a third-party liability. This will cover damage you cause to a third party such as another motorcycle or car.
  • The next is accident benefits. This will cover both you and a passenger if you become injured.
  • The third thing is loss or damage coverage. If your bike is damaged or even totalled in an accident, your insurance policy should cover it. The same goes if it is stolen or damaged another way like vandalism or fire.
  • The last thing your motorcycle insurance should cover is hit and runs. This means that if you are in an accident and the other person leaves, your motorcycle insurance will protect you.

All policies should cover these four things. Private insurance companies, especially companies from Kanetix, will usually offer comprehensive coverage. Choosing your insurance for a motorcycle in Ontario as a whole can be easy with Kanetix. A comprehensive policy will provide more protection as well as have more benefits. In addition, you can compare it with motorcycle insurances in other provinces, namely Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance in Toronto

If you have been riding a motorcycle for a while, or even if you’re new to it, you likely know how dangerous it can be. Whether you’ve experienced it firsthand or heard stories, riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car.

When on a motorcycle, you do not have the same physical protection that a car offers. This is especially dangerous as you will likely be going at high speeds. In Ontario, motorcyclists are five times more likely to die in an accident than someone in a car is. They are also ten times more likely to suffer serious injuries.

Even though Canada has an excellent healthcare system, the costs of your potential medical needs may require higher coverage. Similarly, the cost of replacing or repairing your bike, if necessary, can be expensive. If you don’t have motorcycle insurance to cover you, these costs will have to come out of your pocket.

Contributing Factors Towards Motorcycle Insurance Cost Toronto

As motorcycle insurance is based on your license type, that is the main factor that determines how high or low your insurance quotes will be. This is because an insurance company sees you as a more significant risk if you have not been riding for long. If you only have the first license, it is a clear indication that you have not been riding for long.

Another big factor that determines what your rates will be is your age. If you are younger, companies assume again that you have not been riding for long. Thus, your rates will be higher.

Companies will also consider your past. This means both your past insurance history and your driving history. If you have been in a lot of accidents, either in a car or motorcycle, for example, you will be seen as more of a liability. This means your rates will be higher.

The Bottom Line

You likely wouldn’t go without home insurance or car insurance, so good motorcycle insurance should be no different. Your motorcycle is a significant investment, and you should protect it. The best way to do so is with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy.

Head over to to get a list of free motorcycle insurance quotes now. Don’t waste time contacting companies yourself when Kanetix has already done the work for you!