Motorcycle Insurance Quebec | Get a Comprehensive Coverage for All Eventualities

November 6, 2021 | Editorial Team

Canada is notorious for being cold. But, the summer brings the perfect temperature for riding a motorcycle, especially in Quebec. If you’re thinking about buying a motorcycle, Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act states that you must have insurance. You only need a basic insurance policy that covers at least $50,000 of civil liability. But, insurance companies tend to recommend you extend that coverage to at least $2 million.

An even better option is getting comprehensive coverage as you will be protected for almost all eventualities. There are many insurance providers in Quebec alone. They cover things like home insurance, car insurance, and motorcycle insurance. So, how can you find the best policy to fit your needs? RATESDOTCA! Keep reading to learn more about motorcycle insurance and how to find it on RATESDOTCA.

Best Motorcycle Insurance in Quebec

1. La Capitale

La Capitale has been operating in Quebec for 75 years. They are insurance experts in Quebec and can help you find the perfect motorcycle insurance. Customers who insure their motorcycles with La Capitale save on average $150 on their insurance premium.

As well as the basic coverage that is mandatory in Quebec, La Capitale also has some additional coverage options:

  • Coverage for fire, theft, or vandalism.
  • At-fault coverage.
  • Protection if you are the victim of a hit and run.
  • Replacement value coverage.
  • Travel costs if you are without your motorcycle after an accident.

La Capitale allows you to choose your own deductible. $0 deductibles are available, meaning you will not have to pay anything in the event of a claim.

La Capitale gives you free roadside assistance for your motorcycle and up to three years of replacement value coverage. You will also get $5,000 of coverage for accessories and equipment for no additional cost.

You will also be entered into La Capitale’s THANKS loyalty program.  This gives you access to offers and discounts. The longer you stay as a customer, the more rewards you will be offered.

La Capitale offers some great discount options, including:

  • Save up to 20% if you have no claims.
  • Save an average of $425 by bundling your home and vehicles insurance.

If you are looking for motorcycle insurance provided specifically by a Quebec insurance specialist, La Capitale could be an excellent option. Visit La Capitale’s website today for more information.

2. Desjardins

Desjardins Insurance is part of the Desjardins Group. They are the largest cooperative financial group in Canada. Desjardins is also one of the largest insurance providers in Quebec. They offer motorcycle insurance that is tailored to your needs and budget.

Desjardins’ standard insurance policy offers comprehensive insurance for:

  • Civil Liability – This is the mandatory insurance in Quebec.
  • Collision and Upset – This covers you if you are involved in a collision with a person, animal or object. You will also be covered if you are at fault in an accident.
  • All Perils – This includes coverage for fire, theft, and vandalism.

You can tailor your insurance to your specific needs. This means you are not paying for coverage you don’t need. You can choose from additional coverage options, including:

  • Value Plus – This protects your motorcycle against depreciation for up to 5 years.
  • Travel Costs – This includes renting a replacement vehicle, or the cost of taxis and public transport.

Desjardins offers competitive rates on their motorcycle insurance. The high amount of business they receive means they can offer lower insurance rates.

A multi-vehicle discount is also available. You can get 10% off your insurance if you insure your car or another leisure vehicle with Desjardins.

You can modify your insurance online at any time. If you need to contact Desjardins, you can do this by phone, online or on your mobile. Their claims department is available 24/7.

For more information on Desjardins’ motorcycle insurance, visit their website or contact them over the phone.

3. Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is partnered with more than 6,000 independent insurance broker offices across Canada. They have more than 4 million customers across Canada, including in Quebec.

Intact Insurance offers comprehensive motorcycle coverage at great prices.

My Motorcycle and Me is Intact Insurance’s most popular plan. It is designed for drivers at least 21 years old and for motorcycles with a 300 cc engine or larger. With this plan, you will receive:

  • Up to $5,000 of coverage for accessories and equipment.
  • Up to $2 million of Liability Coverage.
  • Up to 6 months of coverage for leisure trips anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
  • Up to $2,000 per incident for accommodation and motorcycle rental if your motorcycle is damaged.

Intact offers all customers 24/7 roadside assistance, up to three times per year. Whether you’re riding your motorcycle in Canada, or the U.S., you can get assistance in the event of an emergency.

Intact Insurance offers some discount options:

  • Up to a 15% discount if you bundle your motorcycle and home insurance.
  • Up to a 15% discount if your bike has an anti-theft device.
  • Up to a 5% discount if you’ve taken an advanced motorcycle training course.
  • Up to a 5% discount if you insure a car or other recreation vehicle.
  • An appreciable discount if you are a member of a recognized motorcycle touring club.

Intact Insurance prides itself on its excellent customer service. Support is available 24/7 so if you need advice or need to make a claim, you can do this at any time. Intact Insurance handles claims differently. In many cases, they do not wait for results from the police or third parties. Certain repairs will be approved immediately, meaning you can get back on the road faster.

Visit Intact Insurance’s website today for your free motorcycle insurance quote.

4. Allstate

Our next recommendation is Allstate, a provider of insurance for more than 65 years. Allstate is a member of The Allstate Corporation, one of the largest insurance organizations in the world. They have more than 90 community-based agencies and thousands of insurance agents across Canada.

Allstate provides flexible motorcycle coverage in Quebec. You can tailor your insurance plan to your riding needs.

Allstate offers basic or more comprehensive insurance. As well as the mandatory insurance requirements, Allstate also offers:

  • Collision or Upset
  • Comprehensive
  • All Perils

If you are interested in Allstate’s motorcycle insurance, you will be connected with an Allstate agent in Quebec. They will give you a free estimate of your motorcycle insurance and talk you through your options.

Allstate’s claims process is designed with you in mind. The claims processing department is available 24/7. If your motorcycle requires repairs, you can opt for a recommended Allstate Priority Repair Option (PRO) vendor. This means your repairs will be guaranteed for as long as you own the motorcycle.

Allstate also offers some insurance discounts. You can save an average of $509 if you combine your motorcycle and home insurance.

Visit Allstate’s website today for your free, no-obligation quote.

5. Aviva

Our final recommendation is Aviva, one of the leading insurance providers in Canada. They provide insurance to more than 2.4 million customers, including 100,000 motorcycles and off-road vehicles in Canada.

Aviva offers tailored insurance policies. You can choose your coverage level based on your insurance needs and budget.

As well as the mandatory coverage, riders in Quebec will receive:

  • Travel expenses and roadside assistance costs.
  • Use outside of Quebec for up to 180 days.

You also have multiple optional coverage options, including:

  • Civil liability cover resulting from damage to a non-owned vehicle.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
  • Assistance Elite including unlimited health and legal assistance services.
  • Waiver of depreciation.
  • Personal effects of the insured.
  • Accessories, chrome, and equipment.
  • Trailer, sidecar, or sled.

Aviva is known for its great customer service. As well as the 24/7 roadside assistance, you will also have access to a 24/7 dedicated phone line for making a claim. If you are involved in an accident or need to make a claim, you will be connected with a claims adjuster. They will talk you through the settlement options on your policy and the claims process and help you file your claim.

Aviva also offers multiple discount opportunities. This includes safe riding discounts, multi-bike discounts, and multiple policies discounts.

Aviva is a great option for Quebec riders who want to purchase their insurance policy directly from the insurer. As one of the biggest insurance providers in Canada, Aviva offers great coverage options at an affordable price. Visit their website today to be connected with an Aviva insurance broker.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost in Quebec?

One of the main questions people have when looking for motorcycle insurance in Quebec is: how much does it cost? Unfortunately, there’s no one exact answer for everyone. The cost of your motorcycle insurance is dependant on the following factors. Also, you need to learn all about regulations and terms, to begin with.

Make and Model of Your Bike

One of the main factors that insurance providers consider when giving you a quote is the make and model of your bike. Many motorcyclists prefer sports bikes because they are fast. Insurance providers, however, see a faster bike as a liability. This is because if you have a faster bike, you will, in turn, drive faster, and are then more likely to be in an accident.

This is not to say that you won’t drive safely, but insurance providers don’t want to take the risk. So, they will charge you more if you want coverage on a faster motorcycle.

So, essentially, if the make and model of your bike are known for having a higher rate of accidents, your insurance premium will be higher.

Where You Live

Unfortunately, neighborhoods and cities often have stereotypes attached to them. For example, in bigger cities such as Montreal, there tend to be more thefts. Because of this, insurance providers will charge you a higher premium if you live in an area known for vehicle thefts. However, you can compare Nova Scotia insurance with motorcycle insurances in other provinces, namely Alberta, British Columbia, the whole of Ontario or Toronto, and Nova Scotia, to name some of them.

If you have theft coverage, the insurance provider will have to pay to replace your motorcycle. So, to try to offset this potential cost, insurance providers charge you more.

Carrying Passengers

Another factor insurance providers will consider is whether or not you will have passengers. Motorcyclists tend to ride solo because that is how a motorcycle is designed to be used. But, if you do want to take passengers, it’s possible. You will, however, have to pay a higher premium to do so.

If you intend to take passengers, you need to ensure you have liability insurance coverage to cover passengers. This usually makes your premium go up as the insurance provider will then have to spend more to ensure your guests as well.

Your Age and Experience

Insurance providers see motorcyclists without a lot of experience riding as a liability. So, if you are young, you likely do not have a lot of experience riding a motorcycle. If you do and you can prove it, you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance policy. If you are a new driver, however, there is not much you can do to avoid paying higher premiums.

If you can maintain a clean record over a few years, your insurance premium will likely go down.

How You Use Your Bike

The last factor that insurance providers consider is how you use your bike. Essentially, if you ride often, your rate will be higher. This is because you have more opportunities to get into an accident.

Your rates will be lower if you tell your insurance provider you only plan to use your bike casually (say on the weekends) rather than every day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Insurance in Quebec (FAQs)

Who distributes motorcycle insurance in Quebec?

In Quebec, there are plenty of vehicle insurance providers. Here are some companies that specifically provide motorcycle insurance in Quebec.

  • CAA
  • Intergroup
  • J Gérard Fortin
  • Allstate
  • La Capitale
  • Desjardins
  • Intact Insurance
  • Ciccarello Assurances
  • National Bank Insurance
  • Belairdirect

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Standard motorcycle insurance in Quebec covers three main things. Civil liability/ accident benefits, collision and upset, and all other perils.

Civil liability coverage is mandatory in Quebec. Civil liability insurance will protect you in the event of an accident. The mandatory civil liability coverage required is $50,000. But, insurers tend to recommend civil liability coverage of $2 million, as civil liability tends to cover most incidents.

Collision and upset coverage are as they sound. It will cover your bike in the event of a collision or upset. Similarly, all other perils coverage will cover you for non-collision risks. This could include events such as theft, fire, or vandalism.

What Optional Coverage is Available for Motorcycles?

Although standard vehicle insurance is a necessity, additional optional coverage is available and recommended. Two optional coverages available are replacement value and travel cost reimbursement.

Replacement Value Coverage

If your bike needs to be replaced, either totally or partially, the new parts or bike will be covered. The amount covered depends on your policy and provider.

Travel Costs Coverage

If you were in an accident and your bike needs to be fixed, your travel costs will be covered. This typically includes public transport or taxi expenses, but accommodation can be covered as well if you needed to be far from home.

Whether you get additional coverage depends on your needs as both are optional and not required by law to ride a motorcycle.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

As we discussed earlier, the cost of your motorbike insurance depends on many factors. Your age, the type of bike you have, where you live, whether or not you will have passengers, and how often you use your bike will all impact your rate.

That being said, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec does have an average.

  • If your bike is 125 cc or less, your insurance will be around $250 a month.
  • If your bike is from 126 cc to 400 cc, your insurance will be around $440 a month.
  • If your bike is over 400 cc, your insurance will be around $633 a month.
  • If your bike is considered high-risk, you will pay upwards of $1,707 a month.

Again, this is just an average and could be cheaper or more expensive, depending on other personal factors. You may even be able to get a discount in some cases.

What is the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance?

It’s hard to say what insurance is the cheapest because, as we discussed earlier, there are so many factors involved. Even if you get insured by the same company as your father, you would have two completely different quotes.

The best way to find out the cheapest insurance for you is to use RATESDOTCA. RATESDOTCA will show you all the best insurance rates in your area that pertain to you personally. You can then compare and contrast them to see which provider suits your needs and your budget. Rather than researching each provider individually, RATESDOTCA does it for you in minutes. You can then easily choose a policy by contacting RATESDOTACA via their ‘call us’ section on their site.

Many companies will also offer a discount if you pair your car or home insurance with your motorcycle, so that is another way to get a lower rate.

What Motorcycle Insurance is Mandatory in Quebec?

Like all provinces in Canada, you are legally required to have insurance if you want to ride a motorcycle. Each province has its own requirements, but the minimum requirement is typically just basic insurance.

According to Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act, motorcyclists must have a basic insurance policy. That policy must cover a minimum of $50,000 of civil liability. Provinces, including Quebec, tend to require anyone that drives a vehicle to have liability coverage.

This is because it will protect both you and the other person in the accident so the cost won’t be put on the government. If you are in an accident, even a minor one, and don’t have insurance, you can receive a hefty fine. So, even if you don’t want comprehensive coverage, make sure you at least have the minimum liability coverage before driving.

Can I Cancel Motorcycle Insurance in the Winter?

As Canada is known for having a harsh winter, many riders wonder if they can cancel their insurance in the winter as they won’t be able to use their bike. The short answer is yes; you can cancel your insurance in the winter. But it is not recommended.

Insurance providers base your annual policy on the fact that you will only be using your bike for a few months. So, your rate tends to be based on the whole year and would likely not be much more than insuring your bike for just the summer months.

Similarly, there is often a cancellation fee that may not be much less than just keeping your policy throughout the year. It’s best just to keep your insurance through the winter. Your bike will then still be protected from things like theft or non-accident related damage.

If you still want to inquire about your provider’s policy on cancelling for the winter, look for the ‘call us’ section on their website, and they can help you sort it out!

The Bottom Line

You need the right insurance to protect your bike and the well-being of you and others. You probably love your motorcycle and paid good money for it. Be sure and protect it with an appropriate policy.

RATESDOTCA is where we recommend you visit. They have been in Canada for a long time and offer great choices.