Motorcycle Insurance Alberta | Get a Policy Tailored to Suit You!

May 28, 2021 | Editorial Team

For many motorcycle riders in Alberta, the freedom and joy that comes with riding through the beautiful countryside, mountainous regions, and Alberta’s busy cities are unrivalled. Obtaining insurance is often an afterthought. Not having insurance is illegal in Canada. Furthermore, motorcycles are often considered more dangerous than cars. Injuries and fatality rates are considerably higher, so having a good insurance policy is imperative.

If you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Alberta, it is important to consider your needs and requirements. No two riders are the same, and luckily insurance policies can usually be tailored to suit you. Most policies come complete with third-party liability. They also include uninsured automobile cover and accident benefits. Options are available whether you are seeking coverage for the first time or have an existing policy. Insurance can cover motor scooters and mopeds. Before you sign up for an Alberta motorcycle insurance policy, check it has all the features you need. To precisely estimate the costs you must also be well aware of the specific terms and regulations.

Some features may be available as optional extras. It is important to research these thoroughly. Instead of opting for the first insurance quote you come across, it is best to shop around. Look for the quote that has the highest level of coverage at the best price.

Various factors influence the cost of motorcycle insurance in Alberta. In this article, we will look at this in more detail. We will also investigate the different types of insurance available while providing you with detailed guides to motorcycle insurance in other provinces, namely BC, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and Toronto. This will help you make an informed choice.

Motorcycle Insurance Alberta


Many bike owners choose to use RATESDOTCA when searching for their motorcycle insurance. RATESDOTCA is an insurance comparison site that allows you to search the entire market for the best insurance quotes and policies. You can be offered different quotes for the same level of coverage with different providers. So how do you make the best choice for you?

By comparing your quotes on RATESDOTCA you can compare the coverage offered and the monthly premium cost. As RATESDOTCA is a third party company, you can trust them to be honest and transparent when providing your quotes. You need to provide them with your personal information, driving history, coverage needs and email address to receive your personalized quote.

They will then contact you regarding your quotes using your email address. On average, motorcycle owners who use RATESDOTCA save 30% on their insurance costs. However, take into account you can only use RATESDOTCA if you live in Ontario, Alberta or Quebec. So, if you plan to move, this service will no longer be accessible to you.

The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta

It is essential to get motorcycle insurance in Alberta for many reasons. As you must be insured by law, failing to get insurance could result in a fine or your vehicle being destroyed. Having insurance will also protect you if something happens to you or your vehicle. Alberta motorcycle insurance should cover the cost of any repairs or replacements you may need. You will also be covered even if you are at fault in an accident. This means you will not be personally liable for paying compensation.

Accident benefits ensure you are fully protected if you are injured in a road accident. Your insurance will cover you for any rehabilitation or income replacement you need. Having a good insurance policy will also ensure you can claim compensation if you are not at fault.

Some people choose to include uninsured automobile coverage as part of their policy. This means you will be protected if you are involved in an accident with an insured driver. You will be covered for damage to your vehicle and any injuries you may get. In the unfortunate event of death, your family will receive full compensation.

Alberta motorcycle insurance plans are customizable. You can opt to include extras such as collision cover, fire and theft and motorcycle loss. You could also opt to have basic insurance coverage for a lower monthly premium.

Different Types of Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta

There are three different types of motorcycle insurance in Alberta. These are M, M1 and M2. These determine which vehicles you can ride. For instance, someone with an M1 licence should use a standard motorcycle rather than a sports one. You must choose the right policy for your bike, or your insurance may be invalidated.

Some insurance providers require you to have several years of experience before they will insure you. A newly qualified driver will often find their insurance quote is higher than an experienced driver. Some insurance companies will only insure specific motorcycles. For example, not all insurance providers will cover sports motorcycles. It is generally easier to get covered if you have a standard, cruiser or a touring motorcycle.

Insurance brokers can help you find the right insurance for your specific requirements and budget. The job of an insurance broker is to help you navigate the market. With so many products and providers on the market, your choices can seem overwhelming. A broker may direct you to motorcycle insurance quotes that you may have never otherwise discovered.

Many experts recommend you take out at least $1 million of insurance coverage. This is because the costs associated with a motorcycle accident can quickly escalate. When choosing your insurance company, ensure that you read reviews and check the level of the coverage.

Contributing Factors Towards Motorcycle Insurance Cost Alberta

Various factors are used to decide the cost of motorcycle insurance. These include your age, address, the vehicle itself, how much cover you need and what your vehicle is used for. Your excess will also impact the overall cost. The higher deductible you would pay in the event of a claim, the lower the monthly premium.

Insurance providers in Alberta will also consider your claim history. The price will also rise if you have any other riders named on the policy. If you are looking to lower your insurance cost, taking a motorcycle safety course can positively impact your insurance quote. You could also save money by paying your annual insurance premium in full, rather than per month.

The Bottom Line

Motorcycle insurance in Alberta can be affordable to the average person. Shopping around and comparing insurance quotes will help you get a much better deal. Insurance companies consider the risk associated with insuring you. You are likely to receive a lower quote if an insurer thinks the chances of an accident or theft are relatively small. The price you pay for insurance for a motorcycle in Alberta can vary depending on several factors.

You are likely to pay less once you have been on the road for several years. However, your bike insurance premiums can go back up if you move to a high-risk area or are involved in an accident. Remember, you cannot ride your motorcycle without coverage.

Research motorcycle insurance thoroughly. There are many ways to meet your insurance needs and get the right coverage for you.