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Motorcycle Insurance

Last Updated: June, 2020

Motorcycle Insurance Canada

Motorcycle insurance provides you with compensation if you are in an accident. You can use it to cover the cost of repairing your bike. You may also use it to cover lost income and medical care. Requirements vary from province to province for insurance. We have outlined the most commonly required coverage.
One mandatory part of motorcycle insurance is a third-party liability. Third-party liability is for an accident you caused. You must have at least $200,000 worth of third-party liability. You can increase your third-party coverage. You must have accident benefits as well. Accident benefits include income replacement. Accident benefits also cover costs for medical care.
Young Man On A Motorbike With Thumb Up
As with third-party liability, you may want to increase the amount of coverage you have in accident benefits. More coverage will give you more money for income replacement and medical care costs.
You will also need uninsured automobile coverage. You need this in case a car hits you, and it does not have insurance, or you are in a hit and run. Also, you will need property damage coverage. You use this coverage for an accident in which you are not at fault.
You can choose to buy more coverage for your motorcycle. Peril coverage protects from specific events, like theft or fire damage. It also covers you for damage from natural causes, such as hail, lightning, or earthquakes.
You can also buy coverage for protective equipment such as goggles and helmets. If your bike is in the shop for repairs, loss of use coverage will cover the cost of a rental car or motorcycle.
Take some time to consider your needs before shopping for motorcycle insurance. Use an online calculator to determine what your premium will be. You can also use an insurance broker for advice and to shop around for you.

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