Best Car Insurance in 2021 | Requirements and Premiums Compared Across Provinces

August 3, 2021 | Editorial Team

Auto Insurance

The law in Canada requires you to have car insurance, regardless of your province. This is true, whether you own or lease a car. Choosing the right auto insurance for you can be difficult. The mandatory requirements differ in each province. For example, a driver in Ontario and a driver in Quebec will have different coverage requirements. Having said that, check out the best car insurance options in Toronto, Brampton, and Vancouver, too.

Additionally, car insurance rates can vary depending on the level of coverage you require. The insurance premiums you include and the provider you choose can also have an impact. To help you choose the best car insurance while still helping you save money, we will look at some of the best options available in each province.

Car Insurance Estimator

A car insurance estimator, also known as a car insurance calculator, can help you check how much you would expect to pay for insurance on your vehicle. You can use it regardless of whether you are looking to insure a new vehicle or renewing an existing insurance policy. A car insurance estimator will help you make sure you get the best deal possible. It can give you access to car insurance quotes from the best car insurance companies in Canada.

It only takes a few short minutes to input your personal information, vehicle information, driving record and insurance history. The calculator will then show you a list of car insurance quotes with different coverage levels. The calculator will automatically take into account your city or province. It will only offer insurance companies that provide you with the coverage required by your province.

Using a car insurance estimator will also help you compare coverage. You can then decide exactly what you want to be included in your insurance policy. Ultimately, it will help save you the time of contacting multiple companies and comparing quotes yourself. It will also help you save money by making sure you are being offered the best car insurance rates in your province.

Car Insurance Online

The auto insurance market in Canada is competitive. There are hundreds of companies offering differing policies. Many drivers are, therefore, choosing to get their car insurance online. This allows you to easily compare quotes from many providers at the same time. An increasingly popular choice for drivers in Canada is to use an online insurance comparison site, such as RATESDOTCA.

This involves inputting your personal information, vehicle information and driving history. You will then be presented with a list of quotes from more than 50 car insurance companies. You can decide the level of coverage you need, the car insurance premium you are willing to pay and how much you want your deductible to be.

By finding your auto insurance online, you are more likely to find the cheapest deal. Drivers can save up to 30% on their insurance premiums per year by using a comparison site. It also saves you the time and effort of contacting multiple companies to compare car insurance quotes. Head over to RATESDOTCA to see your car insurance quotes.

Car Insurance Broker Near Me


Car insurance prices in Ontario can vary greatly depending on where you live. On average, car insurance in Ottawa is cheaper than in Toronto. Drivers who live in the Ontario countryside will usually pay less than the rest of the province.

There are a number of factors that may impact the price in Ontario. For example, Ottawa auto insurance may be more expensive than the countryside because your risk level is higher. This could be because traffic accidents, vehicle theft, vandalization and insurance fraud are more common. As a result, Ottawa auto insurance companies are more likely to have to pay for repairs or replacements to your vehicle.

There are a number of mandatory insurance requirements for all drivers in the province of Ontario. This is regardless of whether you are looking for car insurance in Ottawa or elsewhere in the province. Your policy must include Liability Coverage and Direct Compensation. It must also include Uninsured Automobile Coverage and Accident Benefits Coverage. You can also choose to include additional coverage when searching for your car insurance quotes in Ontario.

Many people looking for car insurance in Ottawa or Ontario choose to use a car insurance broker. A broker is somebody who works on your behalf to find the best coverage options at the best price for your car. A broker will connect with insurance providers across Ontario to find you the best deal. The most popular brokers in Ontario are:

  • Brokerlink
  • Youngs Insurance Brokers
  • Mcdougallinsurance
  • Easyway Insurance Brokers
  • Think Insure Brokers
  • Aligned Insurance Brokers


Quebec is typically the cheapest province for auto insurance in Canada. It is more than 50% cheaper than in Ontario and British Columbia. Quebec auto insurance combines public and private insurance. The public insurance is provided by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). Any additional coverage is provided by private car insurance companies.

The mandatory requirements for car insurance in Quebec are different from the requirements in Ontario. Quebec has separate insurance for bodily injuries and vehicle damage. Under the Quebec Automobile Insurance Act, all drivers need to buy a minimum of $50,000 in civil liability coverage. This covers you for:

  • Legal liability for property damage and bodily injury outside of Quebec.
  • Property damage to another vehicle when you are at fault.

In Quebec, if you are injured in a traffic accident, regardless of who is at fault, SAAQ will compensate you. This means that you cannot be sued if you are involved in an accident. If you require additional coverage, such as coverage for damage to your own car, you will need to add this separately. A broker will help you find an insurer who provides you with the mandatory requirements and any additional coverage you need.

The highest-rated private car insurance brokers in Quebec are:

  • Essor Insurance
  • Intergroupe Assurances
  • Assurancia
  • Lemay Jean-Yves Assurances Inc

Nova Scotia

Drivers in Nova Scotia are required by law to have auto insurance that includes Liability Coverage. You must also have Direct Compensation, Uninsured and Unidentified Automobile Coverage and Accident Benefits Coverage. The third-party liability coverage amount is higher than in other provinces ($500,000 compared to the standard $200,000). Any additional insurance coverage can be added to your policy but will result in higher insurance premiums.

The average cost of car insurance in Quebec per year is close to $900. This makes it the fourth cheapest province for auto insurance. In Nova Scotia, Compensation of Property Damage (DCPD) means if you are involved in a minor accident, each driver is covered by their own insurance company, regardless of who is at fault. Auto insurance in Nova Scotia is monitored by The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance.

The province of Nova Scotia also has a Financial Responsibility Law. This ensures that drivers are accountable for their driving. The financial consequences of accidents they are involved in will be their responsibility. The aim of this law is to encourage good driving and more responsible drivers.

A popular choice for those searching for policies in Nova Scotia is to contact an independent broker such as Munninsurance. They can provide you with quotes from brokers across Nova Scotia and help you to compare insurance on car rates and coverage levels.

If you would prefer to contact brokers directly, there are several options for you to choose from.

  • Cheep Insurance
  • Cluett Insurance
  • OTC Brokers
  • Bluenose Brokers

New Brunswick

The average cost of car insurance in New Brunswick is $867 per year, making it the third-cheapest province in Canada. In New Brunswick, you are required by law to have $200,000 in Third-Party Liability Coverage. You are also required to have Accident Benefits Coverage and Uninsured Automobile Coverage. Your coverage must also include funeral expense benefits. Disability income benefits and death benefits should also be included.

You should obtain your coverage from a private insurance company. The required level of coverage can be raised so that you are entitled to more compensation in the event of an accident.

New Brunswick operates under a no-fault system for auto insurance. This means that drivers claim from their own insurance companies, regardless of who is at fault. Unlike many other provinces, New Brunswick drivers can also opt to have usage-based insurance. This gives you the opportunity for cheaper premiums as you pay for the driving that you do. A box will be fitted into your vehicle that records where and when you drive.

To help navigate the confusing insurance rules, many drivers in New Brunswick seek help from an insurance broker. The most popular brokers in this province are:

  • Assurance Vienneau
  • Canadian Automobile Association
  • Andrew H Williams Desjardins
  • Pearson Insurance
  • Miramichi Insurance Brokers


The average cost of car insurance in Manitoba in 2020 is $1,140 per year. For Manitoba’s cars, insurance operates under a no-fault system. This means you will receive compensation from your own insurance provider, regardless of who is at fault. Manitoba also has government-run insurance – Manitoba Public Insurance (MBI). This gives you less opportunity to shop around for cheaper car insurance rates.

MBI provides drivers with Basic Autopac Insurance. You have the opportunity to extend the insurance with optional additional coverage. You can also choose to add additional coverage through a private insurance company, although this is not a common choice in Manitoba. Many drivers in Manitoba instead choose to extend their coverage amount with MBI.

Unlike private insurance, MBI does not take age or gender into account when calculating your insurance rate. The only factor that will be taken into account is your driving history, as this determines how high-risk you are. As car insurance is provided primarily by the MBI, you should not need to use an insurance broker when insuring your vehicle.

British Columbia

With an average cost of more than $1,800, British Columbia (BC) has the most expensive car insurance of all the Canadian provinces. In fact, insurance premiums have increased by 63% in the last five years! British Columbia has seen an increase in injury claims, vehicle damage and lawsuits. These increases could be responsible for the high premiums.

Insurance in British Columbia is run by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). This means that a car driver in British Columbia does not have the opportunity to solely use private car insurance companies. The ICBC Basic Autoplan is mandatory for all drivers in BC. You can also choose to add additional coverage, either with ICBC or with a private insurance company.

As car insurance is provided by the ICBC, a driver in British Columbia will only need the services of an insurance broker if they wish to combine their coverage options.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) has the lowest number of traffic accidents in the whole of Canada. The positive driving record in this province results in lower car insurance rates. Prince Edward Island has the second cheapest car insurance premium average of all the provinces in Canada.

PEI law requires a driver to have Liability Coverage and Direct Comp. Uninsured and Unidentified Automobile Coverage and Accident Benefits Coverage are also mandatory. Any additional coverage can be added to your policy. The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance regulates all insurance brokers and providers in PEI.

Some popular Prince Edward Island brokers are:

  • Peake and Mcinnis LTD
  • Brokerlink
  • W.B. Beairsto
  • Cluett Insurance


Saskatchewan has an average auto insurance cost of over $1,200 per year, making it the fourth most expensive province in Canada. The only option for car insurance in Saskatchewan is the government-run system. This is known as Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). Their mandatory car insurance is known as Auto Fund. It includes $200,000 of third-party liability coverage.

Saskatchewan is a no-fault province. Although you can choose to add a ‘tort’ option to your coverage, meaning that you are able to sue for pain, suffering or financial loss. If you are looking for higher coverage, you can choose to upgrade your cover with SGI.

As the government monopolizes the insurance in Saskatchewan, brokers are not required in this province.


Alberta is the third-highest province for car insurance in Canada, with an average cost of over $1,300 annually. Alberta requires you to have Third-Party Liability (minimum of $200,000) and Accident Benefits. Any other coverage is optional.

Many drivers in Alberta choose to use an insurance broker to help them get the best policy for them at the best price. One of the leading brokers in Alberta is Alpine. They connect you with brokers that can help you find the best company and coverage level for insuring your vehicle.

Another popular broker is BrokerLink. Your broker will help you to understand the laws and requirements for insuring your car. As well as helping you with any additional coverage you may want.

PC Auto Insurance is a broker that is connected to nine insurance companies across Alberta. They offer 24/7 support to help you find the best car insurance available for the best price.


Insure prices in Newfoundland have more than doubled in the past five years. The average annual cost is now more than $1,100. Mandatory coverage in Newfoundland includes Liability Coverage and Direct Compensation. Uninsured and Unidentified Automobile Coverage is also mandatory. If a driver requires additional coverage, they can add this to their policy.

Many drivers in Newfoundland choose to use an insurance broker to help them simplify the process of insuring their car. A broker will also try to ensure you get the best possible deal.

The Insurance Brokers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (IBAN) is an association of 16 insurance brokerages across the province. The broker works on your behalf and offers you a choice of coverage options from a variety of insurers. They help find the best coverage for you and your vehicle. IBAN can also act on your behalf as a Claims Advocacy. If you need to claim from your insurer, IBAN will represent you and guide you through the process.

Your other option would be to contact brokers directly. Some of the most popular brokers in Newfoundland are:

  • Wedgewood – This is the largest independent broker in the province.
  • Action Insurance Services Inc
  • Steers Insurance
  • Munn Insurance

The Bottom Line

The requirements for insuring your car in Canada can vary greatly. To ensure you are following the law, pay close attention to the mandatory requirements of your province. Consider using an insurance broker to help you simplify the process. A broker can also make sure you are getting the best coverage at the best price. Searching for insurance online can also simplify the process for you as you can compare multiple providers at the same time.