5 Best Car Insurance Companies Reviews in 2024 | Affordable Rates & Additional Discounts

January 22, 2024 | Editorial Team

Drivers of any type of vehicle in Canada are legally required to have auto insurance. This is to keep you, your vehicle, and other drivers protected. As auto insurance varies a lot between different companies, drivers trying to find the best quote may have a hard time.

Calling various auto insurance companies can be time-consuming for drivers, but what is the alternative? Online car insurance search engines! This guide is here to help you find the best auto insurance providers in Canada for drivers of any age, with any postal code, and any type of car quickly and easily. We also did our part in reviewing the best car insurance in Ontario as a whole, Brampton, Toronto, and Vancouver.

There are plenty of car insurance companies in Canada, especially in big provinces like Ontario and British Columbia. Finding the best company, however, can be tough. Everyone has different car insurance needs. Similarly, your car insurance premium will vary greatly from other drivers based on factors such as your postal code, driving record, what car you have and whether you have winter tires or not.

So, how can you find the best vehicle insurance quote possible? Thankfully, there are car insurance search engines such as Insurancehotline.com and RATESDOTCA available. Once you put your specific details into these search engines, you will see the car insurance providers that can meet your needs for your vehicle. This is one of the best ways to compare and contrast multiple car insurance at once to ensure you are getting a great deal.

Below, we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of using Insurancehotline.com and RATESDOTCA. Keep reading if you want to use the best car insurance search engines in Canada!

Best Car Insurance Companies in Canada Reviews

1. InsuranceHotline.com

Operating since 1994, InsuranceHotline.com has provided insurance to millions of Canadians. They partner with more than 30 insurance providers. They offer auto insurance for cars and motorcycles as well as life, travel, home, and commercial insurance.

They provide insurance quotes to millions of Canadians every year free of charge. Customers never pay any fees to InsuranceHotline.com. All their fees are paid by the insurance provider, saving you even more money!

To receive your car insurance quotes, you simply need to complete your driver profile. InsuranceHotline.com then allows you to compare quotes and choose the policy that is best for you. You can even tailor your search to include your preferred deductible amount. You can also add the level of liability you require. Furthermore, you can specify the type of coverage you are interested in.

InsuranceHotline.com offers mandatory coverage specific to the province you live in. This includes:

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Direct Compensation-Property Damage (DC-PD)
  • Uninsured Automobile

Your mandatory coverage will include the minimum coverage amount specific to your province. InsuranceHotline.com offers advice on whether to purchase your insurance privately or publicly. Alternatively, you can use a combination of both.

 They also offer optional auto insurance that you can add to your policy including:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Specified Perils Coverage
  • All Perils Coverage

Once you have completed your driver profile and tailored your search policy, you will then be provided with a list of insurance quotes. As you will receive quotes for multiple providers, you are likely to be offered the best rates. In fact, InsuranceHotline.com claims the quotes on their site are 26% lower than the average market rate. In just one year, Canadians saved $4.5 million on car insurance by using InsuranceHotline.com.

Once you have chosen the perfect policy for you, InsuranceHotline.com will connect you directly to the insurance provider. Alternatively, you can complete your application over the phone.  

Using Insurancehotline.com is completely free, and you are not obligated to choose any of their providers. If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, let’s look at some more pros and cons of using Insurancehotline.com.


  • You can see sample quotes from previous buyers before you input your own information. This will help you estimate the cost of your premium.
  • You can see sample quotes from previous buyers before you input your information. This will help you estimate the cost of your premium.
  • Save on average 26% on your insurance quote compared to the typical market rate. 
  • Insurancehotline.com will help suggest discounts available to you. For example, certain alumni, unions, or professional affiliations can receive extra discounts.
  • You can also bundle a variety of insurances from Insurancehotline.com to get a discount as well.
  • Sign up for Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) and receive discounts for demonstrating safe driving.
  • Get a 5% discount on your premium if you install winter tires.
  • You can choose to pay your insurance monthly or yearly.
  • InsuranceHotline.com is not only a search engine. They are an educational centre as well. You can find guides to finding the perfect policy as well as information about the price of insurance in each province. They also provide information on adding drivers to your policy and what to do in the event of an accident or collision.
  • Policies are customizable. For example, you can choose a deductible from $100 to $1,000 as well as liability coverage of $1 million to $2 million.
  • InsuranceHotline.com partners with 30 different brokers in Canada.
  • The first step to getting a quote is inputting your postal code. Once you do, Insurancehotline.com will ensure the policies they are showing you are available in your area.
  • The website provides useful tips on what to look for when buying a car. This advice included information about how your choice of car can affect your insurance cost.
  • You can choose to renew your policy annually to ensure you are still getting the best rate.
  • You can get an insurance quote based specifically on the city you live in.   
  • Customer services can be contacted over the phone, via email or by visiting their office in Toronto.
  • The online platform is very user-friendly.
  • You can get a car insurance quote in less than five minutes.
  • InsuranceHotline.com has nearly 2,000 reviews on TrustPilot, with many of them being 5* reviews.


  • Although InsuranceHotline.com is expanding, car insurance may not be available in all provinces.
  • To finalize the search process, you need to call Insurancehotline.com and speak with an insurance broker. They will go through your options in more detail. This means the entire process is not done online.
  • Similarly, the call centre, to finalize your quote, is not available 24/7.
  • Any insurance claims or problems with the policy are not handled by InsuranceHotline.com. You will have to contact your insurer directly.


Using InsuranceHotline.com is a great way to find the perfect policy to suit your needs exactly. They offer tailored quotes, and an insurance broker will help you understand every part of your policy beforehand. InsuranceHotline.com offers great guides about insurance policies in general on their website.

InsuranceHotline.com compares 30 different insurance providers in minutes. This saves you time and effort and ensures you have the best policy to suit your needs. All policies are designed to comply with laws in your province and optional extras can be added to suit your needs.

If you prefer a process that could be done completely online at any time, Insurancehotline.com may not be the website for you. However, for those looking to save money on the premium while still receiving excellent insurance coverage, InsuranceHotline.com could be a fantastic option.

Head over to their website to get your free, no-obligation quote today!


Another great way to find a variety of car insurance quotes at once is on RATESDOTCA. RATESDOTCA is a proudly Canadian company that has been helping Canadians find the best insurance for over 20 years. They are partnered with the most insurance providers in Canada. There are more than 50 insurance companies available on their website.

RATESDOTCA is a search engine to find insurance for cars, life, pets, business, homes, health, and travel. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs! Their website is a hub of insurance calculators, information, intuitive news, tools, and resources to help you save money.

They are partnered with well-known insurance providers across Canada. This includes Aviva, Allianz, and CAA and many more. Different companies evaluate risks in different ways. This means your quotes can vary hugely from one insurance provider to the next.

Using RATESDOTCA allows you to view a variety of quotes from many different insurance providers. You can then choose the best quote for you. Your quotes will be based on your driver information, your unique driving history, and your vehicle.

Last year, customers of RATESDOTCA saved an average of 30% on their car insurance policies, compared to the average market rate.

RATESDOTCA provides unbiased reviews, content, and tools. They show the best rates based on your information and insurance preferences. Their easy-to-use online tools allow you to search the insurance market in minutes.

Getting your car insurance quotes from RATESDOTCA is easy and free. All you need to do is input your personal information and information about your car. Inputting your information is quick and easy. Information you need to provide may include:

  • Your name and address.
  • Your age, gender, and marital status.
  • The make and model of your vehicle and any additional information about your vehicle.
  • Your driving and insurance history.

Then, details about the specific coverage you’re looking for. RATESDOTCA will then show you insurance companies that can fit your needs exactly. The whole process takes a couple of minutes.

RATESDOTCA provides the mandatory insurance coverage required in your province. They also offer additional coverage including:

  • Collisions Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Specified Perils Coverage
  • All-Perils Coverage

Their website offers specific information and advice, based on your province.

Let’s take a deeper look into the pros and cons of using RATESDOTCA.


  • RATESDOTCA has been around since 1999, and they are now Canada’s premier online comparison site.
  • You can save an average of $676 on your car insurance by using RATESDOTCA.
  • There are many auto insurance policies available. You can find motorcycle insurance, car insurance for either standard or classic cars, and RV trailer insurance.
  • Coverage varies a lot, depending on your needs. You can choose from liability coverage from $1 million to $2 million. Deductibles also range from $500 to $1000.
  • You can pay for your car insurance per month or per year.
  • RATESDOTCA partners with more than 50 insurance companies. This is more than any other comparison website. 
  • You can get your free car insurance rates in less than ten minutes.
  • There are multiple types of coverage and policies offered at different rates. This allows you to choose the perfect policy for you.
  • You can choose to pay your insurance annually rather than monthly, which will save you money. 
  • RATESDOTCA helps you save time by showing you multiple car insurance rates at once.
  • Getting car insurance quotes on RATESDOTCA is completely free.
  • You are not obligated to apply for a policy with any insurance company that is offered to you by RATESDOTCA.
  • As RATESDOTCA offers a variety of insurance types, you can pair one with your car insurance to get a lower rate. Many Canadians choose to bundle their auto insurance and home insurance together. You can also receive a discount if you insure more than one vehicle.
  • Discounts are available if you belong to specific organizations or companies.
  • You may also be able to receive discounts if you use winter tires or demonstrate safer driving.
  • All your personal information is completed protected. It will never be sold or shared with a third-party company.
  • There are no hidden costs or fees. RATESDOTCA receives payment from the insurance provider, not from you. This helps to save you money.
  • All quotes are the same rate whether you purchase through RATESDOTCA or contact the provider directly. You are not paying any more by using a third-party company.
  • Their website is user-friendly, and everything is done completely online. This means you do not have to contact the insurance provider to complete your application.


  • You can only use RATESDOTCA if you are in Ontario, Alberta, or Quebec. It is not available in other provinces or territories.
  • RATESDOTCA is only an insurance search engine, not a car insurance provider themselves. This means you will have to fill in two applications.
  • There is no live chat feature available on RATESDOTCA.


RATESDOTCA is completely free and easy to use. You can get the perfect insurance coverage to suit your needs at the lowest possible price. It is one of the best ways to get multiple car insurance quotes at the same time to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Drivers have enough to worry about; car insurance doesn’t have to be one of them.

RATESDOTCA is partnered with the most insurance providers in Canada. You can receive quotes in a few short minutes and complete the entire application process online. RATESDOTCA also offers some great educational tools, information, and resources.

There is no pressure to accept an insurance policy with any insurance company that RATESDOTCA offers. So, head over there now for your free car insurance quote!

3. TD Insurance

TD Insurance is provided by TD Bank, one of Canada’s biggest financial institutions. They are regularly voted in the top three car insurance providers in Canada. TD Insurance provides many other types of insurance. This includes home insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

TD Insurance aims to help Canadians choose the insurance product that best fits their needs. They provide knowledgeable, commission-free advice on all your insurance options. They aim to help you save money, while still providing you with stellar insurance.

To receive a quote, you simply need to answer a few questions. TD will then assess your insurance needs and recommend the best coverage for you. They will create personalized coverage to perfectly fit your needs.

They will also search for any discounts that may be available to you. You will then have the option to customize your coverage. This could include adjusting your deductible and changing your coverage limits.

TD Insurance offers multiple ways for its customers to receive discounts, including:

  • You can save 30% on your insurance policy if you are claims-free.
  • Get a quote online and save 5%.
  • Discounts are available if you bundle your house and car insurance together.
  • Insuring two or more cars will result in a discount.
  • Discounts are available for drivers of electric or hybrid cars.
  • Opt in to the saver drivers’ program and receive additional savings.
  • Receive a 10% deduction on your deductible every year that you do not use it.
  • Download the TD MyAdvantage app and allow TD to collect and analyze your driving data. You can then save up to an additional 25% on your premium.
  • New drivers can take a driver’s training course and receive a discount on their policy.
  • Using winter tires may offer you a discount, depending on your province.
  • If one of the drivers on the policy is a full-time student, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Specific employer groups, alumni associations and professional associations are offered additional discounts.

If your car is involved in an accident or damaged in some way, you have several options available. Customers of TD Insurance can visit any of their auto centres for claims advice, car repairs and rentals. An advisor will guide you through the claims process and your car will be repaired by a certified repair technician. Auto centres are located across Canada. Alternatively, you can call TD Insurance or use their mobile app.


  • Insurance is provided by TD directly, meaning you do not have to worry about a third-party company.
  • It takes less than 3 minutes to receive a quote.
  • Once you receive a quote it will be valid for 45 days. This gives you time to think through your options and make the best decision for you.
  • Customers who switch to TD Insurance can save up to 24%.
  • They offer comprehensive coverage with a variety of coverage options. Options include specified perils, comprehensive and accident forgiveness. You can also add uninterrupted driver coverage and collision or upset coverage.
  • The discounts offered by TD are excellent. Drivers can earn discounts in multiple ways to save money on their policy.
  • The TD Insurance app allows you to easily file a claim. You will receive step-by-step guidance through the claims process. You can upload evidence and view the status of your claim on the app 24/7.
  • Car insurance is available in all provinces
  • The TD Insurance Digital Academy offers you tutorials on a variety of educational topics. This includes how to get a quote, purchasing and managing your policies.
  • The TD Insurance website features helpful advice and tips regarding car insurance. Some educational topics include how premiums are calculated and tips to save on your car insurance.
  • TD has a reputation for having excellent customer service. The customer service phone lines are open 12 hours a day and all staff are friendly and well-trained.
  • Have access to private client advice. This is a bespoke insurance service tailored to meet your unique insurance needs.
  • The website and mobile app are very easy to use.
  • Modifying your coverage, changing your address, and modifying your payment plan is quick and easy to do. You can simply log into the app, go on the website or call to make any changes.


  • There is no option to add coverage for ridesharing or delivery drivers.
  • Insurance rates are not the lowest on the market. Even once discounts have been applied, you may still pay more than some of TD Insurance’s competitors.


TD Insurance is a trusted provider of car insurance across Canada. They offer a huge range of coverage options that can be designed in line with each province’s laws. TD Insurance also offers an impressive number of discounts. They will automatically recommend discounts to you, and you can choose to add the ones that will be the most beneficial.

The mobile app and online platform are user-friendly and have some excellent features. TD also offers auto centres across Canada. This could be a great benefit for those looking for a streamlined claims process.

TD Insurance does not offer the lowest rates in the car insurance market. For those simply looking to buy the cheapest policy, TD Insurance may not be the best option. However, for those looking to find a tailored insurance policy with great benefits, TD Insurance could be an excellent option.

Visit their website today to receive your free, no- commitment quote and find the best car insurance for you.

4. The Co-operators Group Limited

The Co-operators Group has been a leading provider of insurance in Canada for 70 years. They are co-operative meaning they are democratically controlled by individuals using their services. The company was originally created by farmers. These farmers realized that traditional insurers were unable to meet the needs of them and their communities.

When creating the company, their aim was to meet people’s insurance needs in good times and bad. The Co-operators Group was designed to be a co-op model, rather than a for-profit organization. This means the need for profitability is balanced with the needs of the members and their communities.

They have more than 5.8 million members across Canada. Their member organizations include co-operative organizations, credit unions and farm organizations.  

The Co-operators Group specializes in affordable and dependable insurance. They aim to be customer-oriented. They offer a variety of insurance products including auto insurance and home insurance. They also offer life insurance, business insurance, travel insurance and farm insurance.

The Co-operators Group knows the importance of designing insurance in line with your province’s rules and regulations. They also offer additional coverage for those who want extra protection, including:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Specified Perils
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • All Perils Coverage
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Loss of Use
  • Legal Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles
  • Family Protection Endorsement
  • Limited Waiver of Depreciation

To receive an insurance quote, you can fill in an online questionnaire. You will then receive an estimate of your policy. You then need to contact the Co-operators Group directly to receive your full quote and complete your application. Alternatively, you can visit one of the Co-operators Group’s financial advisors in your area.

The Co-operators Group offers several different discount options to its customers:

  1. En-Route Auto Program Discount – Demonstrating safe driving behaviours can earn you a discount. Earn 5% as soon as you sign up. Earn additional discounts up to 25% upon renewal of your policy.
  2. Multi-Product Discount. – If you take more than one insurance product with the Co-operative Group you will receive a discount on your policy.
  3. Multi-Vehicle Discount – Earn a discount if you insure more than one vehicle.
  4. Winter Tires – If you install winter tires on your car, you can receive a discount on your premium.
  5. Driver-Training. – Enroll in a certified driver training course or defensive driving course and earn a discount.

The Co-operators Group is known for their exceptional customer service. All their insurance plans are organized directly with their company – there is no middleman or third party to worry about. If you need to file a claim, the claims process is easy and simple. You can submit your claim online, via the app or over the phone.


  • There is a wide range of coverage options available.
  • Insurance coverage is offered in all provinces in Canada.
  • The Co-operators Group offers a free help service to help you decide whether to file a claim. Using this service does not affect your policy or premium in any way.
  • The resource centre offers helpful insurance tips and advice. This includes how to save money on your insurance, what to do if you are in a car accident and insurance tips for young drivers.
  • The mobile app is a quick and simple way to manage your insurance policy. The well-designed, user-friendly app can be used on smartphones and tablets.
  • They offer a claims guarantee. In the event of a claim, they guarantee to offer claims counselling and an efficient and respectful service. They also offer quality repairs and replacements and access to a service review panel.
  • The Enhanced Service Program can recommend a trustworthy auto repair shop when you file a claim. Any repairs completed at these shops will be guaranteed by the Co-operators Group.
  • You can access, manage, and make changes to your insurance policy using your online account. You can also make payments, change your personal details, or change your payment information.
  • The Co-operative Group has a plethora of good reviews online. They score high for customer satisfaction, compared to many other insurance providers. They also earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for their customer services and complaints department.
  • With nearly $42 billion in assets, The Co-operators Group is a strong financial institution. Their financial rating is A-.
  • You can add insurance for other items in your vehicle, such as stereos or custom tires.


  • The Co-operators Group offers fewer discounts on their policies when compared to some of their competitors.
  • There is no ride-sharing coverage available.
  • Insurance policies may be more expensive in some provinces.


The Co-operative Group has been a trusted insurance provider in Canada for generations. Co-operative insurance is hugely appealing to many Canadians. Especially for those who want a provider who puts the customer first.

They are known for their excellent customer service and their speedy repairs. For tech-savvy Canadians, the Co-operative Group has a superior online platform and mobile app. This can make managing your account and making claims much easier.

There are fewer discounts available compared to some insurance providers. This could result in a more expensive policy.

However, the Co-operative Group offers superior coverage with great customer service and at an affordable price. It is quick and simple to receive an online quote and there is no obligation to commit to the policy. Head over to the Co-operative Group’s website to view your quote today.

5. RBC Insurance

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is one of the largest bank-owned insurance organizations in Canada. RBC was founded in 1864 and is one of Canada’s most trusted financial institutions. They have more than 4 million insurance clients across the globe. They offer insurance products and information across a variety of channels, including:

  • Advice centres
  • RBC insurance stores
  • Mobile advisors
  • Digital, mobile, and social platforms
  • Independent brokers

RBC Insurance offers a wide range of insurance. This includes auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

It takes a few short minutes to get a car insurance quote online. Alternatively, you can call RBC Insurance and receive a quote over the phone.  Their car insurance offers affordable rates that are customized to a customer’s individual needs. RBC offers liability and mandatory insurance, based on your province of residence. They also offer additional optional coverage including:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Direct Compensation for Property Damage
  • All Perils Coverage
  • Specified Perils Coverage
  • Family Protection Endorsement
  • Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement
  • Loss of Vehicle Use Endorsement
  • Accident Protection Endorsement

RBC Insurance also offers insurance for recreational vehicles. This includes motorhomes, boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

You also have the option to alter your deductible. Choosing a higher deductible can lower your monthly premium. However, those who choose a lower deductible will save money in the event of a claim.

It is quick and easy to receive a car insurance quote with RBC Insurance. All you need to do is input your information and you will receive your quote immediately.

RBC Insurance also offers some excellent discount options, including:

  1. Multi-Vehicle Discount: Receive a discount for insuring more than one vehicle.
  2. Multi-Product Discount: Take out a bundle of home and auto insurance to receive a discount on both products.
  3. Retiree Discount: All retired drivers can receive a discount on their policy.
  4. Winter Tire Discount: Save money on your policy if you install winter tires on your car.
  5. Anti-Theft Discount: Having an approved anti-theft system in your car will result in a discount on your policy.
  6. No-Claims Discount: Receive a discount for not making any claims. The more years of no claims you have, the higher your discount will be.


  • The Claims and Service department is open 24 hours a day.
  • Save up to 15% when you bundle your car insurance and home insurance.
  • RBC Insurance offers a rewards system on deductibles. For every year that you do not make a claim, you will receive a $50 reduction on your deductible.
  • Having your insurance with one of Canada’s biggest banks can offer peace of mind.
  • The Preferred Vendor Program guarantees higher quality workmanship and stress-free claims. RBC will monitor the quality of the repairs and all payments will be made directly to the repair centre. This means you are never out of pocket.
  • Multiple discounts are available to help reduce the cost of your policy.
  • The flexible deductible allows you to personalize your plan to fit your financial situation.
  • The application process is quick and easy.
  • Receive a lifetime guarantee on any repairs that are carried out on your car.
  • Join the Satellite Program and receive services such as towing, flat tire service, battery boost and fuel delivery. You can receive up to four service calls and two trip planning services per policy term.
  • If you are unsure whether to make a claim, RBC offers anonymous claims advice. You can speak to experts who will advise you on whether to make a claim.
  • The RBC Insurance online platform is well organized and user-friendly.
  • RBC Insurance received an A+ for financial strength. Having good financial strength is essential for an insurance provider. This is because it means they are more likely to pay in the event of a claim.
  • You can choose to add a valet service to your policy. This means a rental car will be sent to you if your car needs repairing. Once repairs have been completed, your car will be delivered back to you and the rental car will be collected.
  • RBC Insurance is partnered with Aviva, one of Canada’s biggest insurance companies.


  • There is currently no mobile app available.
  • RBC Insurance received a B- from the Better Business Bureau. This is lower than some of their competitors and suggests that their customer service may not be as strong.
  • Cheaper insurance providers are available.
  • There is no usage-based insurance available.


RBC Insurance is one of Canada’s most well-known and trusted insurance providers. They offer varied coverage options. The also provide the opportunity to raise your deductible and lower your monthly premium. They also offer a variety of discount options to help you save money.

RBC Insurance also offers some excellent perks, such as the Satellite Program and the Preferred Vendor Program. For those looking for quality insurance from a company they can trust, RBC Insurance could be a fantastic option.

However, insurance prices can vary greatly in different provinces. RBC may not be the cheapest insurance option for your province. If a low price is your only preference when choosing insurance, RBC may not be the best option for you.

For those who are looking for a quality insurance product with an easy and simple claims service, RBC could be a great option. They provide a 24/7 helpline and anonymous advice. Go to their website today to receive a free insurance quote.  

The Bottom Line

Finding the best auto insurance in Canada is not as hard as you may have thought. Simply head over to RATESDOTCA, InsuranceHotline.com, or both to search for insurance quotes specific to your needs. Alternatively, you can visit TD Insurance, the Co-operators Group or RBC Insurance directly to receive a free quote.

If drivers are looking to lower their auto insurance premium, getting winter tires and extra safety features is a great place to start. You could also pay for your policy per year rather than per month. There are many great discount options available to drivers in Canada to help lower the premium cost.

Ultimately, using an insurance search engine is free and could save you plenty of time and money, so what have you got to lose?