Car Insurance Online | Guide to Help You Find the Perfect Coverage for Your Needs

November 7, 2021 | Editorial Team

Home and auto insurance are two of the most common coverage types in the country. Most Canadians have one, if not both policy types. Despite this, many people are still overpaying for their coverage. This is because many Canadians don’t know how to find the best coverage at a low price.

The good news is that online insurance marketplaces like RATESDOTCA exist to help. You can easily find the perfect coverage for your vehicle in minutes. Keep reading to find out how!

Best Car Insurance Online

If you have ever tried to look for home and auto insurance online, you likely know how many options there are. For example, if you decide to look for car insurance in, let’s say, Ontario as a whole, Brampton, Toronto, or Vancouver, sifting through them all can be tedious and confusing. Using an online insurance marketplace like RATESDOTCA, however, can help solve that problem. Let’s take a look at what the website offers.


Our top recommendation for online car insurance in Canada is RATESDOTCA. RATESDOTCA acts as a middleman between insurance providers and potential customers. It allows Canadians to search for insurance providers that offer travel, life, health, pet, business, and home insurance, in addition to car insurance.

RATESDOTCA works like an insurance search engine. They are partnered with more than 50 of the most well-known and reputable insurance providers in Canada. This includes insurance companies and direct writers. This makes it quick and easy to compare car insurance quotes from dozens of insurers side by side.

Different insurance providers calculate insurance premiums in different ways. This means you are likely to see significant differences in policy prices for the same level of coverage. By using an insurance comparison site such as RATESDOTCA, you will be able to access the cheapest quotes. These quotes will be based on your driving history and personal information.

To provide you with your insurance quotes, RATESDOTCA will first request information about you and your vehicle. You will also have to provide information about your driving and insurance history. You can then see a list of personalized list of quotes from the best insurance providers.

You can easily compare these quotes and choose the best one for your needs and budget. RATESDOTCA will then connect you with the provider and secure your rate.

On average, customers of RATESDOTCA paid 30% less than the average market rate for car insurance in Canada. This equates to an average saving of $676!

RATESDOTCA offers standard coverage, in line with mandatory provincial requirements. This includes:

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Direct-Compensation Property Damage
  • Uninsured Automobile Insurance
  • Accident Benefits

They also offer some optional coverage options that can be added to any car insurance policy, including:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Specified Perils Coverage
  • All-Perils Coverage
  • Loss of Use
  • Depreciation Waiver
  • Rental Car Coverage

The insurance quotes provided by RATESDOTCA are completely accurate. No additional fees or charges are applied. Your quotes are guaranteed, and the rates are locked in, as long as you commit to purchasing the policy the same day.

You can also choose your own deductible amount. The higher your deductible, the lower your insurance premium will be. You can choose to pay your premium monthly or annually.

RATESDOTCA also offers additional discounts to its customer. You may be eligible for additional discounts for:

  • Bundling your home and auto insurance policies.
  • Taking a ministry approved driver’s education course.
  • Keeping a clean driving record.
  • Paying your insurance premium upfront.
  • Installing snow tires.
  • Signing up for a safe driving program.
  • Increasing your deductibles.
  • Being a member of an affiliated organization.
  • Reducing your annual mileage.

Using RATESDOTCA is the quickest and most efficient way of finding the car insurance policy that perfectly suits your needs.

If you are still unsure whether RATESDOTCA is the best online car insurance provider for you, take a look at some of the pros and cons below.


  • There are plenty of different vehicle insurance policies available. Motorcycle insurance, car insurance for standard and classic cars, and RV trailer insurance can all be found on RATESDOTCA.
  • Liability coverage ranges from $1 million to $2 million. Deductibles range from $500 to $1000.
  • Getting a personalized online quote is quick. The whole process should only take ten minutes.
  • Using RATESDOTCA is free, and you are not obligated to purchase any policy presented to you.
  • RATESDOTCA compares more insurance providers than anyone else in Canada.
  • It is not cheaper to shop directly with the insurance provider. RATESDOTCA claims you will be offered the same or better rates by using their platform.
  • There are over 50 insurance providers on RATESDOTCA. This ensures you will get the best quote possible.
  • Using RATESDOTCA is simple as their website is user-friendly, and everything is done completely online. There is even a mobile app available.
  • You can bundle your home and auto insurance to get a lower rate.
  • Getting a quote can easily be done in ten minutes or less. All you need to do is fill in your personal information, such as your postal code and information about your vehicle.
  • You won’t need to individually contact each insurance provider to get a quote, thus saving you plenty of time.
  • RATESDOTCA is partnered with some of the top insurers in Canada. This includes Sonnet, Aviva, CAA, and Intact Insurance.
  • There are very few specific eligibility requirements.
  • RATESDOTCA has multiple affiliate companies, meaning you could receive further discounts.
  • A car insurance calculator is available on the website. This offers you a quick guide to car insurance and quote estimations.
  • There is a great News and Resources section of RATESDOTCA’s website that offers great tips and information on a variety of topics. This includes insurance guides, the impact of parking tickets on your insurance, and driving tips.
  • Rate trackers are available for Ontario and Alberta car insurance.


  • RATESDOTCA insurance is only available in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. Those in provinces like British Columbia are out of luck.
  • Customer service is a bit limited as there are only an email and phone number for RATESDOTCA available and no live chat feature.
  • RATESDOTCA is a middleman rather than a car or home insurance provider themselves.
  • Search filters are limited as you can’t search for specific details, such as a deductible limit.
  • If you do not purchase your insurance policy the same day, the premium may rise.


As RATESDOTCA is free and easy to use, what do you have to lose by using it to find insurance for a car, home, business, and more?

It is one of the quickest ways to find the perfect policy for your vehicle. Otherwise, you would need to contact each provider individually to get a quote and find out what coverage their policy offers.

You will receive a tailored list of insurance quotes in a few short minutes. The quotes will be based on your specific insurance information. You can then search through the quotes to find the perfect level of coverage for your insurance needs. RATESDOTCA will also pay attention to the mandatory insurance requirements in your province.

Once you have chosen the perfect policy for your insurance needs and budget, RATESDOTCA will connect you directly with your chosen insurance provider. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

RATESDOTCA offers you the opportunity to make substantial savings on your car insurance policy. You are not obligated to choose a policy that RATESDOTCA offers, so why not get your free quote today?

2. is an online comparison site for insurance and other financial products. They are a free, independent service and are partnered with the top financial service providers in Canada. They are partnered with more than 75 financial partners across the country. allows you to compare dozens of cheap insurance quotes for free. They are partnered with some of Canada’s leading insurance providers. This includes Sonnet, CAA, Aviva, and Economical Insurance. is so popular that nearly 30,000 Canadians compare insurance quotes on their website every 24 hours.

To receive your list of free, personalized quotes you first need to answer questions about yourself and your vehicle. This takes less than 3 minutes and is 100% confidential. You’ll then be shown quotes from more than 75 insurance providers across Canada. Once you have chosen the best policy and coverage level for you, you will be connected with a licensed insurance broker or agent. They will help you to secure your policy.

All insurance agents are completely unbiased. They are completely transparent and provide you with the best rates possible. offers several different types of car insurance coverage, including:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Collision Insurance
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of searching for car insurance with


  • It only takes 3 minutes to receive your list of personalized insurance quotes. only asks you six simple questions before providing you with a list of quotes.
  • is available in provinces across Canada. This includes Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador.
  • Using is completely free. All fees are covered by the insurance provider.
  • You can save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance policy through
  • You can bundle your car and home insurance to receive a discount on your policy.
  • has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is the highest possible score.
  • Ride-Sharing Coverage is available with Many of their competitors don’t offer this coverage option.
  • Some discount options are available. For example, if you take a defensive driving course, take usage-based insurance, or bundle your insurance policies.
  • keeps all your information 100% secure. They never share your information with a third party.


  • Insurance quotes are not guaranteed. The cost of your premium could change when you are connected with the insurance broker.
  • acts as the middleman. You may not be able to contact directly if you need advice or to make a claim.

Summary is another great option for searching for your car insurance online. Similar to RATESDOTCA, they are an insurance comparison site. This allows you to compare quotes from insurance providers across Canada. offers you access to a personalized list of quotes in a few short minutes. You can then compare quotes from multiple insurers at the same time.

However, does not guarantee the rates you see are accurate. The cost of the premium could rise once you are connected with the insurance provider.

Any car insurance quotes you receive on are free and have no obligation. It is quick and easy to get your list of quotes, so why not visit today.

3. Sonnet

Sonnet is the first fully online home and auto insurance company in Canada. You can receive your quotes and purchase your car insurance completely online. Sonnet decided to focus on online insurance to offer Canadians an easy and transparent way to purchase customized insurance policies.

Sonnet uses data and analytics to offer customized coverage at competitive prices. It only takes 5 minutes to search for and purchase your car insurance on Sonnet’s website.

You first need to answer a few questions about you and your vehicle. You can then customize your coverage. You can choose from flexible coverage limits and optional coverages. Once you have finalized your policy, you can pay for your car insurance online.

Sonnet offers the following standard car insurance coverage:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Accident Benefits
  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage.

You can then choose from optional coverage, including:

  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Ticket Forgiveness
  • Rental Extension Bundle
  • Vroom Service Bundle

There are several opportunities to save on your policy with Sonnet Insurance:

  1. If you have been claims-free in the last 5 years.
  2. Insuring more than one car can give you a multi-vehicle discount.
  3. Bundling your home and auto policies could give you a saving of up to 20%.
  4. If you are Canadian university alumni.
  5. Group discounts are available for professionals, employees, alumni, and affinity groups.
  6. If you remain claims-free and ticket-free and receive a discount.
  7. Installing winter tires in some provinces gives you a discount.

Below is a list of some of the pros and cons of Sonnet’s car insurance.


  • Once you have purchased insurance, your account remains online. You can customize your coverage, manage your account, and access your policy documents online.
  • 24/7 claims support is available. Sonnet has more than 600 claims professionals and a network of certified professionals.
  • Car insurance is available in the majority of provinces. These include Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
  • A cancellation calculator is available. This calculates the cost if you decide to cancel your policy early to switch to Sonnet.
  • You will have access to a 24/7 towing service.
  • You will receive access to helpful information and a suite of services to simplify your life from Sonnet’s partners. You will also have access to discounts, promotions, and free offers.
  • Sonnet has a 91% customer satisfaction score.


  • There is no mobile app available, which is unusual for an online-only company.
  • Insurance premiums may be more expensive than some of Sonnet’s competitors.


Sonnet is a fantastic option for those looking to purchase their policy directly from the insurance provider. They are a 100% online company, meaning you do not need to finalize your policy over the phone or in person.

Sonnet offers its customers some great perks, such as discount opportunities and a free towing service. However, they may be more expensive than using an insurance comparison site or online broker.

It is completely free to access your insurance quote. Visit Sonnet’s website today for your no-obligation quote or for more information.

4. Aviva

Our next offering is another direct insurance provider. Aviva is one of the leading insurance providers in Canada. They have provided insurance to more than 2.4 million people so far. Aviva’s online car insurance is available in all provinces and territories.

As we all as the standard insurance coverage, Aviva also offers some great additional coverage options:

  • Ride-Sharing
  • Temporary Vehicle Replacement
  • Conviction Protection
  • Collision Protection
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Disappearing Deductible
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • New Car Guarantee

Aviva gives you the opportunity to customize your policy to fit your insurance needs and budget. You can apply for a quote on their website and then be connected with an Aviva insurance broker.

Aviva offers some great car insurance discounts if you:

  • Bundle your car and home insurance.
  • Are a retiree.
  • Insure more than one vehicle.
  • Maintain a clean driving record.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Aviva’s online car insurance policies.


  • Aviva car insurance is available in all 13 provinces and territories in Canada.
  • Aviva also offers all customers satellite road assistance. This gives you 24/7 emergency roadside assistance across Canada and the U.S.
  • A 24/7 claims line is available. If you need to make a claim, you will be connected with a claims adjuster. They will talk you through the settlement options on your policy and the claims process. Alternatively, you can use the online digital claims tool.
  • The Claims Service Satisfaction Guarantee guarantees your satisfaction with the claims service. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.
  • Aviva offers stand-alone or bundled policies.
  • A blog is available on Aviva’s website with helpful articles and information about insurance, vehicles and driving in Canada.


  • Aviva has fewer discount options than other insurance providers.
  • The process is not 100% online, as you will be contacted by a broker over the phone.


Aviva is a well-known and popular direct insurance provider. They offer online car insurance in every Canadian province and territory.

Aviva is also known for its great customer service It scored an A- with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), one of the best possible scores. Aviva’s general enquiries phone line is open from 8 am-8 pm Eastern Time if you have any queries. The claims line is open 24/7.

Aviva is an excellent option for those who want to take an insurance policy directly from the insurance provider, with no third-party involvement.

You can get a car insurance quote for free on Aviva’s website and no obligation is required. Visit Aviva’s website today for more information.

5. Surex

Our final offering is Surex, the fastest-growing online insurance provider in Canada. They provide car insurance in 11 provinces and territories across Canada. Surex has insured more than 45,000 Canadians so far. Surex works like an insurance marketplace. They offer personalized quotes from up to 10 insurance providers at once.

When applying for a quote, you will be connected with an insurance broker who will shop with up to 10 insurance providers in your area. They will ensure you get customized coverage at a competitive rate.

You will be provided with multiple car insurance quotes in just a few minutes. You can then compare these quotes to find the best coverage and price for you.

Surex offers multiple coverage options, including:

  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Depreciation Coverage
  • Third-Party Liability Coverage
  • Car Rental Coverage
  • Family Protection
  • Windshield Coverage

Once you have decided on your perfect coverage level and chosen your policy, Surex can help you to set up the policy or connect you with the insurance provider directly. For those who want a 100% online experience, you can finalize your insurance and purchase your policy on Surex’s online platform.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing Surex for your car insurance.


  • You will be assigned your own dedicated insurance advisor. They can help you with all your insurance needs.
  • Surex offers an impressive 16 different discounts! This includes discounts for experienced drivers, mature citizens, students, claims-free, and anti-theft devices.
  • Surex scores 4.8 out of 5 On Trustpilot.
  • You can save up to 25% by bundling your home and auto insurance together.
  • Surex is connected with some of the most popular insurance providers in Canada. This includes Aviva, Wawanesa Insurance, Pem Bridge, and Economical Insurance.
  • You can choose your own deductible amount. A higher deductible will result in a lower monthly premium.
  • If you need to make a claim, you can call or email your Surex advisor directly.
  • Surex’s prices are completely transparent. There are no additional fees or payments to worry about.


  • If you need to make a claim, you may have to deal with both your Surex insurance advisor and your insurance provider. This can be more time-consuming and stressful.
  • There is no mobile app available.


Using Surex’s online insurance marketplace can save you time, effort, and money. You can access your insurance quote and purchase and finalize your policy 100% online.

Alternatively, you could be connected with your own dedicated insurance advisor. Your advisor can walk you through your different insurance options, help you find the best policy and assist you in finalizing the policy.

However, Surex is partnered with fewer insurance providers than some of its competitors. This means you may not have access to the best deals on the market.

Luckily, choosing Surex means you also get access to excellent customer service and some great discount opportunities.

Visit Surex’s website today for more information, or to begin your free car insurance quote.

Factors That Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

If you have ever requested a car insurance quote from more than one insurance company, you may have noticed a discrepancy. This is because each company has a different way of calculating your premium. That being said, most insurance companies will consider the following facts when you get a quote from them.

Driver Demographics

Even though insurance for the car is meant for your car, one of the first things insurance companies look at is your demographics. This typically includes your age, sex, and sometimes even your marital status.

Insurance companies tend to charge young drivers a higher premium. This is because they likely have less driving experience than an older driver and are thus more likely to be in an accident. As you get older and remain as claims-free as possible, your car insurance premium will go down.

Statistics show that women get into fewer accidents than men. Due to this, women may get a quote that is lower than men.

Lastly, some insurance companies assume that those who are married are safer drivers. Thus, they will get a quote that is lower than a single person.

Where You Live

The next factor that many insurance companies will consider is your postal code. As cities tend to be more populated, there also tends to be more crime. Rates of vandalism, accidents, and theft are all more common in cities than towns or rural areas. Due to this, auto insurance for someone with a postal code in the city will be higher.

Similarly, if your car has to be parked on the street in your area, you will likely have to pay a higher premium. This is because it is not as safe as it would be in a garage, for example.

Vehicle Type

An insurance company won’t just look at you, but your car as well. The type of vehicle you drive can greatly impact your premium. Typically, the more expensive a car is, the more it will cost to insure. If the car needs to be replaced or repaired, the cost of doing so needs to be offset somehow.

Similarly, the more safety features your car has, the lower your premium may be. Things like lane departure systems or anti-theft devices make it more likely that you won’t get into an accident or have your car stolen. Thus, your car is seen as less of a liability.

Driving History

Your driving history is another factor companies consider when you get a quote for your car insurance. If you don’t have a driving record because you’re a new driver, the insurance provider has no way of knowing how you drive. Thus, you will be charged a higher premium.

Similarly, if you have a bad driving record with a lot of accidents, for example, you will also be charged a higher premium. This shows insurance providers that you are likely to get into another accident.

If your driving history shows you have been claims free in the past, your coverage for your vehicle will likely be cheaper.

Type of Insurance

The last thing that impacts the cost or your premium is the type of auto insurance you choose. Most places in Canada, such as British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario, require basic auto insurance. This tends to be the cheapest option. If you want comprehensive coverage, you will need to pay more.

The deductible you choose for your insurance policy also impacts your monthly payment. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly payment will be.

The Bottom Line

Now, finding the perfect coverage for your vehicle probably doesn’t seem as complicated as you thought it was! You can simply input information about your vehicle and yourself, such as your postal code and age, on RATESDOTCA and get a tailored quote in minutes.

The Canadian government requires you to insure your vehicle in order to drive it. So why not get the best, cheapest insurance available to you? Don’t let factors such as your young age or driving history hinder you from finding the perfect insurance provider.

Head over to RATESDOTCA to get your free, no-obligation quote today!