6 Best Blue Chip Stocks Canada Reviews in 2024 | Always a Good Investment!

January 22, 2024 | Editorial Team

If you are familiar with the stocks industry, you must have heard of blue chip stocks in Canada.  It involves well-established companies that have a long history of constant growth. These few companies have so much influence in the market that customers can’t imagine living without them.

For a new investor, or brokerage this would be a great place to start. It promises better security on stocks and offers good long-term returns. But what exactly are these blue chip companies, and how do they work? Are some of them available in Canada, and if so, how can you find them?

If you want to know more, continue reading as we unravel the blue chip stock industry for you. Moreover, in our previous post, we discussed Power Corporation of Canada stocks that may look outdated but are still very sought after.

What Are Blue Chip Stocks Canada?

Blue chip is considered to be the most valued company in different sectors of the economy. They are stable, reliable, and popular in the industry. In Canada, this includes some of the most renowned companies like Disney, Shopify, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

To qualify as a blue chip, your company must stand the test of time and rise above rivals. These are a few of the features that exhibit blue chip companies from the rest.

  • A leading company in the industry with a reliable business model
  • Large and continuously growing market capital
  • A solid history of delivering good returns
  • It should be large and offers products or services that customers cannot live without
  • A good history of paying dividends and increasing them over time.

Why Are Blue Chips Stocks a Safe Investment?

Blue chips, like any other stock, carry varying degrees of risk. Stocks in this classification are typically less risky than stocks in different categories. When a company achieves blue-chip status, it means that its reputation precedes it. This means that their products and services are now indispensable. Furthermore, the value of their stock can withstand market volatility. All of this makes blue-chips far more secure than small-cap stocks, growth, or penny stocks (see swing trading for these more volatile stocks).

In addition to their stability, many blue chip stocks are simple to understand for new investors though you can always ask top robo advisors for professional assistance. Blue-chip products and services are well-known to the majority of people. As a result, you’re less likely to invest in something that’s beyond your understanding.

Best Blue Chip Stocks in Canada

Are you looking for blue chip companies in Canada? Fortunately, Canada is among the countries with the best blue chip stocks in the world. Most of these companies emerged since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. So, if you are looking to start a blue chip investment portfolio, these are some companies to consider.

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the newest blue chip companies in Canada. It is a well-established company with fast growth over the years. The company has a market capitalization of about $225 billion. This makes it the largest company in Canada. In addition, it has emerged to be the ultimate world leader in the e-commerce industry.

They have invested in a virtual business space. This is the need for online hopping platforms, especially during the pandemic. It has dramatically helped businesses establish online stores replacing them with foot traffic. In less than a year, their shares rose from $600 in April to $1800 by February 2021. By July 2021, the shares rose to $2076. Its Canadian stocks are among the best compared to other countries and are expected to skyrocket for over a decade.

By looking at their growth, and without detailed analysis, you can determine that it is an excellent blue-chip investment option.

2. Royal Bank of Canada

Banks are usually among the best blue chip companies. Being the largest bank in Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada is not an exception.  They have a market cap of $187 billion according to 2021 numbers. The Royal Bank is one of the industries since 1864 that offers one of the best blue chip investments to have in Canada.

The most significant contributor to the company’s reputation is its resilience. This can be attested to the 2008 economic recession throughout the world. The Royal Bank of Canada was steady and didn’t have to cut its dividend. Similarly, it stayed put during the coronavirus pandemics, and its current dividend payout rate is 3.3%.

This dividend is also expected to grow over time as the government eases restrictions on the pandemic. Therefore, it is a great place to launch your blue chip growth stocks investment.

3. Fortis

Fortis is a brand you can’t ignore when it comes to Canadian best stocks. It is a market leader in the regulated gas and electric utilities. As a result, you can be confident that Fortis will be there for a long time. This will be the case as long as we rely on energy and gas, which is also evident by fewer investment opportunities for Canadian nickel stocks that are used in electric vehicles.

Because of Fortis’s stability, it has been able to pay out ever-increasing dividends to its shareholders. Fortis has increased its dividend every year for over 50 years. It also intends to boost them by 6% every year until 2025. Although Fortis is not as fresh and inventive, it may play an important position in your investing portfolio. It is also one of the largest asset management companies.

4. Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is almost as ubiquitous as poutine, maple syrup, and moose. Most Canadians have visited this one-hundred-year-old retail establishment at least once in their lives. It can withstand market downturns, not to mention the pandemic that decimated its foot traffic. It’s no surprise that Canadian Tire is a top-tier stock for Canadian investors (see full review).

Canadian Tire experienced a significant drop in sales during the pandemic. However, due to mandated lockdowns and decreased foot traffic, Canadian Tire was forced to grow in one crucial way — e-commerce. Canadian Tire has also revisited its “catalog” roots in recent years. The company then unveiled a stunning e-commerce platform, which silenced critics. The action also strengthened the brand’s resilience in a world where online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. So, if the market turns and your investment starts to drop in value traders must be able to make fast decisions and act upon them (see also day trading in Canada).

Canadian Tire has a market capitalization of $12 billion as of 2021. To make matters even better, it pays quarterly dividends that appear to be set to rise in the future. Overall, it could be an excellent retail stock for investors looking for a safe investment.

5. Toronto Dominos

Toronto Dominos has a market capitalization of $154 billion and a dividend yield of 3.71%. The now 165 years old company is among the top ten most extensive blue chip stocks in Canada. Aside from having a significant presence in the U.S market, it offers ever-growing dividends for its investors.

The company also serves over 26 million customers around the world. It also has a substantial online presence, which accounts for 13 million of its users. They also feature at the top of the Toronto stock exchange market.

6. Canadian National Railway Stocks

With a dividend yield of 1.84%, the Canadian National Railway is among Canada’s blue chip stocks.

It has a market capitalization of $94.66 billion, which makes it a giant in transportation. The company has been there for over a century and is the country’s most significant railway.  In addition, it has a strong position in both freight and passenger transit.

It owns and runs a 2,000-mile train network that links three coastlines, demonstrating its logistical clout.

This blue chip company is also a 24-year-old aristocrat. Although its yield isn’t particularly appealing, its capital growth potential is. With a 10-year CAGR of 17.4 per cent, it may transform $1,000 to be worth over $100,000 in three decades. Railroads are not expected to go out of service anytime soon.

Should You Invest in Blue Chip Stocks?

Having the best Canadian blue chip stocks in your investment portfolio may help almost every investor. However, you won’t receive as much out of a blue chip stock with little investment. But you may enjoy the stability that they can provide. Furthermore, you may earn substantial dividend growth, many of which you can reinvest in the blue chip stock market.

If you don’t want to choose individual blue-chip organizations, there’s a way around it. You may acquire shares of a blue chip-focused exchange-traded fund (ETF). An ETF comprises shares from several firms. Therefore, you may distribute your money across a diverse range of outstanding blue chips without having to hand-pick them.

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The Bottom Line

Canadian blue chip stocks are among the most reliable investments. They are offered by companies with a good reputation and benefit in both good and bad economic times.

With that in mind, having a blue chip stock in your portfolio is undoubtedly worth your time and money. They are not only a safe investment but guarantee dividend growth.

There is no direct answer to which blue chip company to choose in Canada. The best stock will entirely depend on how much you are willing to risk and what you want to invest in. But one sure thing is the earlier you start investing in blue chip stocks, the better. They will give you long-term benefits, and your money will keep growing day by day.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about an economic crisis. This is because such companies get a lot of losses and have always come out stronger.