5 Best Canada Nickel Stock Reviews in 2024 | Are They a Good Investment Opportunity?

January 22, 2024 | Editorial Team

Did someone say Canada Nickel is advancing its portfolio? Yes, the company is indeed expanding its projects to meet the needs of electric vehicles. The company is focusing on improvising its nickel-cobalt sulphide.

This is a call to provide enough nickel and cobalt to meet the demand for the growing stainless steel and electric vehicle markets. Canada Nickel, through several jurisdictions, has trademarked NetZero Cobalt. NetZero Nickel and NetZero Iron are also involved. The company is still trying to force cobalt, net-zero carbon nickel, and iron products into the production processes. In addition, take a look at companies that offer great opportunities to make money by investing in so-called small-cap stocks, or even penny stocks.

What does the expansion of the Canada Nickel portfolio imply to Canadian investors? Expansion of portfolio means an increase in the company’s stock. Therefore, investors have an opportunity to do their analysis implement their trading strategy and invest in that stock.

Investing and trading (see also day trading) with Canada Nickel ensures you get leveraged to nickel and cobalt. This applies if your area of jurisdiction has low political risk. Let’s dig deeper to unveil the essentials you need to know and establish the best way to invest in this stock. In addition, see our earlier post for  Power Corporation of Canada stocks that may look outdated but are still one of the most sought for in Canada.

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Why Invest in Canadian Nickel Stock?

Investing in Canadian stocks has never been an easy venture. Canadian investors and brokerages opting to invest in the stock market face many challenges. With the broad stock market and hundreds of stock options to choose from, this becomes even more challenging for investors. 

But, as an investor, have you given a thought about investing in Canadian nickel stock? There are a lot of reasons that might make you change your mind and turn to the best Canadian stocks (see also day-trading in Canada). The reasons are listed below, but in the end, it depends on your preferences. 

  • The Canada Nickel stock is at its peak. The stock is at a crucial phase of a supercycle, occurring every fifteen to twenty years.
  • The Canadian nickel stocks are among the ten best nickel sulphide stocks globally in terms of resources. 
  • The nickel stock has distinctive PGM zones adjacent to Crawford main and the East zones. It has a 2.6 g/t Pd + Pt grade intersection, the highest recorded to date.
  • The Canadian stock has high growth potential, thanks to the company’s regular portfolio expansion (for best and constant dividend yields see CTC stocks or our blue-chip stocks review.
  • The Canadian stock grade nickel interval is 0.42% Ni. This is the highest tally to date.
  • The Canadian nickel stock has limited opportunities for investment. The few options available provide the best value for your capital investment. A similar cycle which occurred in 2005-2007 had more than enough opportunities. This led to the downfall of the project pipeline.

Canada Nickel Stock Latest Price Data

The latest data statistics of nickel stock Canada show that the current value of this stock is $2.82. The day’s open price is $2.79, and the close price is $2.82. The best day price for the nickel stock is $2.84, while the lowest price is $2.76. The fifty-two-week record of the stock shows that it recorded the highest price of $4.54. 

Its lowest price for the given time frame is $1.83. 

The Canadian nickel stock has a market capitalization of $0.25 billion. Its trading volume for the day is 132,000. 

The stock has 88,383,650 securities currently listed for trading. The total shares across all its security classes are 88,139,185. 

The company also has an earnings-per-share ratio of -0.09. Its price-to-earnings ratio is -30.40. 

Canada Nickel Co INC. 

Canada Nickel Company Inc. was established in 2019 October. The Ontario province laws verified it. The company’s headquarters are found in head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. The company began trading its shares on the Toronto stock exchange (venture exchange) in the February of 2020. Its stocks trade as TSX-V: CNC. 

In 2020, particularly in July, the company added an independent subsidiary NetZero Metals Inc, to its portfolio. 

Canada Nickel Company Inc. Involved in the discovery and exploration of nickel sulphide assets. They then exploit and process them and supply them to the market. The company has full ownership of the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project. This project is found near northern Ontario, next to the Cochrane mining camp. 

The leading factor to establishing the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project is to meet the rising demand for nickel and its products. This is through the stainless steel market, electric vehicles, and green energy. 

The company is aiming to expand the project further soon to include six more nickel mining sites. This should be near the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project mining site.

Canada Nickel Company Financial Standings

The current value of Canada’s nickel stock is $2.82. Its total assets total $51.87 million. Out of this, 15.16 Million is the total current asset. Non-current assets amount to 37.97 million. The total liabilities of the company are currently at $5.75 million. The total shareholders’ equity is $46.12 million, up from 31.39 in 2020.

a person working on financial analysis

For the first three-quarters of the 2021 fiscal year, the following are the financial standings of the Canada Nickel company.

  • A total cost of $4.54 million for carrying operations up from $1.02 million in 2020
  • A total cost of $13.32 million for investing activities, up from $9.57 million in 2020
  • Total revenue of $18.18 million from financing activities, up from $10.66 million in 2020 
  • A total of $11.17 million worth of cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the fiscal year, 2021 
  • A total of $o.31 million worth of gross change in cash and cash equivalents, up from $0.07 million in 2020
  • A total of $11.48 million worth of cash and cash equivalents at the end of the fiscal year. An increase from $0.07 million in 2020

What is the Best Canada Nickel Stock?

1. Nickel 28 Capital (TSXV:NKL)

Nickel 28 Capital is a company trading in TSX Venture. The company deals in the production of nickel-cobalt. It has a joint venture interest value of 8.56% in Ramu nickel-cobalt. The nickel-cobalt project is found in Papua New Guinea. 

The company portfolio consists of 13 nickel and cobalt royalties in Canada, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.

The current share price of this stock is $0.87. Its market capitalization is $74.56 million. The open share price of the stock is $0.86. Its highest share price is $0.87. The highest share price of this stock for the fiscal year is $1.15. 

2. Canada Nickel Company

Canada Nickel Company is a nickel-producing company in Canada. The company reserves full ownership of Crawford nickel-cobalt sulphide. 

This project has large-scale potential. 

The company has involved multiple jurisdictions for NetZero Iron. The same applies to NetZero Cobalt and NetZero Nickel terms development for the production processes.

The market share price of this stock is $2.82. Its market capitalization is $0.25 billion. The year-to-date gain is 17.53%.

3. North American Nickel (TSX: NAN)

The North American Nickel company deals in mineral exploration. The company has full ownership of assets in Ontario, Maniitsoq, Canada, and Greenland. Its portfolio also extends to the Premium Nickel Resources shares. This company explores private nickel-copper–cobalt assets in the southern regions of Africa. 

The Maniitsoq property, for instance, deals in the exploration of nickel. It covers 3,048 square kilometres. In this area of coverage, there are cobalt sulphide and nickel-copper of high grades. 

The share price of this stock is $0.375. Its year-to-date gain is 119.35%. The stock has a market capitalization of $46.67 million. Its price-to-book ratio is 1.17, and the earnings per share ratio of the stock is -0.02. 

4. Talon Metals (TSX: TLO)

Talon Metals is A Canada-based company that produces nickel mainly for the electric vehicle market. Its principal project is the Tamarack nickel-copper-cobalt. 

This project is a high grade. It has the Tamarack South project and the Tamarack North project segments. 

The current share price of Talon Metals is $0.62. The year-to-date gain of the company is 15.69%. Its market capitalization is $430.41 million. The price-to-book ratio of this stock is 3.875. And the earnings per share ratio is -0.01. Finally, this stock has a bid size of 1000, and its fiscal year’s highest share price is $0.90. 

5. Noble Mineral Exploration (TSX: NOB)

This company is a Canada-based company having interests in Canada Nickel Company. 

It also has interests in MacDonald Mines Exploration and Spruce Ridge Resources. It further extends its portfolio to Holdsworth gold exploration property.

Noble Mineral Exploration possesses minerals around 72,000 hectares, Cochrane. It also has about 11,000 hectares of minerals in Timmins.

The Buckingham graphite property and the Cere-Villebon nickel-copper-platinum are also under its ownership. Moreover, the m-group metals property is under the ownership of Noble mineral Exploration company. 

The company’s stock has a share price of $0.15. Its year-to-date gain is 29.41%. The market cap of this stock is $24.72 million. Besides, it has a price-to-book ratio of 0.75. The earnings-to-book ratio is 0.06. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you are an experienced investor or new to the game (see also robo advisors), Canada Nickel Stock is a suitable addition to your portfolio. You may experience vast growth in your capital investment. This is because these companies continue to expand their portfolios. By doing so, their stock growth also grows. However, this stock has fewer investment opportunities.