Best Pet Insurance Vancouver in 2021| Have Accidents, Injuries, Illnesses and Chronic Conditions Covered

May 28, 2021 | Editorial Team

Pet Insurance Vancouver

In Vancouver, British Columbia, there is more time to enjoy the outdoors, and many pet owners do that with their four-legged friends. Pet insurance in Canada is growing as more people treat their pets like family members. Pet owners are seeking the best pet insurance coverage to help with bills from the vet.

Insurance for pets in Canada can be a maze of companies with different options. It’s hard to make sense of the plans, their monthly premiums, and what deductible is right for you. Below, we will help you by looking at two of the best and well-known Canadian pet insurance companies. As a bonus, we offer insight into the best pet insurance in other cities and provinces in Canada, namely in Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and also Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.


An excellent option for pet insurance is an insurance company called Petplan. Petplan is a North American pet insurance company offering insurance plans for your pets in Canada.

Their plans for cats and dogs cover things like accidents and injuries. They even cover hereditary and chronic conditions. Like other companies, they cover diagnostic treatments for your pet and the vet exam fees.


Petplan offers different saving options per month if you don’t make any claims on your insurance. With no claims, you can save 15% to 30% off your monthly fees. They also have a 5% discount bonus on new pet insurance plans when you sign up online.

Making a claim is easy with their mobile app; you can do the same through their website. 90% of veterinarian costs are covered, meaning you never need to worry about most of the cost of your dog or cat getting hurt.

If you need pet insurance quickly, then Petplan is an excellent choice. If the sign-up process is done correctly, you only need to wait 24 hours for benefits that cover accidents and injuries. For the benefits that cover pet illness, you will have to wait two weeks.


Petplan has a lot going for pet owners, but there are some downsides to their insurance. Petplan does not allow your veterinary clinic to bill them. You will pay the bill first, then apply for it to be reimbursed according to your plan. This process can take time.

Petplan also requires you to give your pet’s yearly health and dental check-ups to keep the plan. The monthly fee is also slightly higher than some other companies that operate in Vancouver. If you pay with your credit card instead of a chequing or savings account, you will be charged a processing fee.


Despite the downsides that come with building a plan from Petplan, there are a lot of upsides. Their insurance plans cover much more than many of the other options out there. Their plans are some of the best in Canada, covering many things that others do not.


Trupanion provides pet insurance in Canada out of Seattle; they offer plans for your dog and cat. Although based in the US, they offer pet insurance coverage throughout Canada and the United States, and Puerto Rico. Trupanion is on a mission to make the process easy for the pet owner. They offer to pay 90% of vet bills for eligible claims.


Trupanion has excellent coverage for pet insurance. They offer some of the most robust plans for pets in Canada. Their customer service is available 24/7 for questions you might have about the coverage. Their plans cover the medical expenses of injuries that are unexpected, as well as illnesses your pet may face.

This an excellent option because they cover anything your dog may have inherited genetically. Any unidentified issues and anything your pet might have developed after birth.

With their three options, you can customize your plan, the monthly premium and the deductible. The pet insurance through Trupanion comes into effect quickly. It covers injuries after 5 days and after 30 days for illnesses.

Another great thing about this plan is that they cover many items other pet insurance providers do not. They cover things like diagnostic tests, medication, and Veterinary supplements.


There are some downsides to their coverage. One of them is that no plan covers pre-existing conditions. It also does not cover dog and cat wellness or any preventive care. So, it will not cover your pets’ flea and tick treatments or vaccinations.

When signing up for the plan, there is a fee of $34 for a new customer. If you have picked an option with a lower deductible, then chances are your monthly premiums will be higher than other insurance for pets Canada.


While there are some downsides to insurance through Trupanion, there are many upsides. Outstanding customer service means you never worry about having unanswered questions during an emergency. Customer service is available by phone 24/7.

Their terms are nicely outlined, and you have a clear understanding of all the coverage per year. If the standard plan is not enough, they also offer add-ons for great prices to cover extra therapy and extra protection for breeding dogs.

The Trupanion website is simple and easy and easy to use. Get a free quote from one of the best pet insurance companies out there, and protect your pet’s health.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

If you have health insurance or other insurance, you have a basic understanding of how insurance works. Pet insurance is much the same.

Once you choose your company and your plan, you pay a premium either bi-weekly, monthly, or even yearly. In exchange, the company will cover a portion of the costs of bills for many issues.

The process of billing is different for each company. Some plans allow your vet office to bill them directly.

More commonly, you will pay the pill and submit that for that company to reimburse you. Sometimes you can submit online, through a mobile app, or their website platform.

Like others, there is a deductible to pay. Deductibles can range from $0 to $1000. If your deductible is higher, usually, the monthly fee is lower.

The number of things your plan covers depends on the plan you selected. Some plans are more than others for different reasons. Older dogs tend to cost more to insure since they have more health issues. Pure breeds can also cost more each month because of their higher rates of genetic problems.

The Bottom Line

If you are a pet owner, then it is a good idea to get your hands on some pet insurance. Here in Canada, we have government health coverage; our pets don’t. Little things like cuts, getting sick, and treatment can add up quickly.

Give yourself the peace of mind to know that no matter what, your pet is taken care of. Both Trupanion and Petplan offer a wide range of options for your pet.

For coverage beyond the usual, check out Trupanion and get a free quote from their website.

For that peace of mind that comes with a long-standing company, check out a free quote for Petplan using their online platform.