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January 22, 2024 | Editorial Team

When comparing the most common types of pet insurance, dogs are the pet that are most popular in Canada today. That’s primarily because dog treatments cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They are by far the most expensive pet to keep, especially as the dog gets older.

We love our dogs; most owners take their responsibility seriously. Aside from food, accessories, and chew toys, veterinary checkups and visits can be painfully expensive for owners. The cost of pet wellness care is sometimes high, especially for a dog. Thankfully dog insurance can help.

In terms of insurance for pets, Canada has plenty of plans, many of which make insuring your pet affordable. However, they differ from place to place, so we tried to give you a headstart by providing the best pet insurance reviews from all over Canada – Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and also provinces Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario.

Top 5 Pet Insurance for Dogs

1. Petplan

Petplan has been a popular provider of pet insurance for 15 years and has insured nearly 300,000 beloved pets across Canada. Petplan prides itself on being a company made up of pet lovers.

Petplan was voted as having the most comprehensive coverage in North America. They boast no sign-up fees and no add-ons.

Petplan has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+, the highest possible rating!

Petplan offers up to 90% reimbursement on your vet bills. The average price of pet insurance for dogs is $35, lower than the industry average.


  • You can visit any licensed vet in Canada or the U.S. as part of your coverage.
  • Risk-free cancellation is available for all customers for 30 days.
  • Comprehensive dental coverage is included.
  • Breed-specific conditions are covered.
  • If you do not make any claims, you can claim up to 30% back on your policy.
  • Flexible pricing is available.
  • The cost of your deductible does not rise as your pet ages.
  • The reimbursement process can be as quick as 7 days.
  • There is no upper age limit.


  • Insurance is not available in Quebec and New Brunswick.
  • Your policy may be invalidated if your pet does not have annual health and dental check-ups.

2. Insurdinary

Our second recommendation is Insurdinary, one of the top insurance providers in Canada. Insurdinary currently has more than 50,000 monthly users. They are a free, easy-to-use insurance comparison site.

Insurdinary is partnered with more than 50 insurance providers across Canada. You can compare insurance quotes from providers across the country. This ensures your dog has the best possible coverage for the lowest rates.

It can take as little as 1 minute to search for your personalized pet insurance quotes on Insurdinary’s website. You will be asked to provide information about your pet and the insurance features that are the most important to you. You will then be provided with a list of personalized insurance quotes.


  • There are no upfront costs or hidden fees.
  • Insurance is available for as little as $10 per month.
  • You can view a list of personalized quotes free of charge. There is also no obligation to commit to any of the insurance plans.
  • Insurdinary offers insurance bundles for cheaper prices.
  • Free education blogs are available on Insurdinary’s website.
  • Customer services are available 24/7.
  • Insurance is available in every Canadian province.


  • Only dogs below 14 years of age are eligible for coverage.
  • Insurance is not provided by Insurdinary directly, they merely act as a middleman.

3. Petsecure

Petsecure is the oldest pet insurance provider in Canada. They remain one of the most well-known and trusted pet insurers in the country.

Petsecure offers four different coverage levels for your dog:

  • Secure 1: Accident Coverage is $1,000 per accident and Illness Coverage is $1,000 per condition, per year. Dental Coverage is included up to $200.
  • Secure 2: Accident Coverage is $2,500 per accident. Illness Coverage is $2,500 per condition per year. Dental Coverage is included up to $300.
  • Secure 3: Accident Coverage is $5,000 per accident. Illness Coverage is $5,000 per condition per year. Dental Coverage is included up to $400.
  • Secure 4: Accident and Illness Coverage is unlimited. Dental coverage is included up to $600. Wellness Coverage and Preventative Care are included.


  • Up to 80% of your vet bills will be reimbursed.
  • Multi-pet discounts are available.
  • All coverage levels include dental care.
  • Deductibles range from $100-$700.
  • Coverage includes hereditary conditions, hospitalization, surgery and prescriptions and medications.
  • Pet insurance is designed with veterinary technicians.
  • Additional non-veterinary benefits are included.


  • Secure 3 and 4 plans are more expensive than many of Petsecure’s competitors.
  • Wellness coverage is not offered with most of Petsecure’s policies.

4. Pets Plus Us

Pets Plus Us is a top-rate pet insurance provider. They are a company made up of dedicated pet lovers. As well as insurance, Pets Plus Us offers a pet community, support, and comfort for pet owners.

Pets Plus offers three coverage levels for your dog:

  • Accident Coverage: $5,000 per year for accidents with an annual deductible of $100. 80% of your fees will be reimbursed.
  • Accident and Illness Coverage: You can choose $7,500 or $15,000 per year coverage. Reimbursement options are 70%, 80% and 90%. The annual deductible is based on the age of your dog.
  • Wellness Coverage: Services include vaccinations, blood profiling, deworming, urinalysis, annual wellness, flea treatment and dental care.


  • 4Life Guarantee is included in all policies. This means all benefits are guaranteed to renew every year.
  • Blue Ribbon Benefits are also included in all policies. Benefits include emergency medical coverage and a 24/7 emergency vet line.
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • All licensed vets in Canada and the U.S. are included.
  • All customers receive access to a free blog, educational resources, and an e-newsletter.


  • Dental coverage is not included as standard.
  • Coverage for older dogs may be much more expensive.

5. THS Pet Insurance

Our last offering comes from the Toronto Humane Society (THS). THS was established in 1887 and is underwritten by Petline. They offer insurance policies for dogs across Canada.

Four coverage options are available for your dog:

 Secure 1Secure 2Secure 3Secure 4
Accidents (Per Accident)$1,000$2,500$5,000Unlimited
Illness (Per Condition, Per Year)$1,000$2,500$5,000Unlimited
Dental Coverage (Per Year)$200$300$400$600  
Alternative Therapy (Per Year)$250$350$350$350
Behavioural Therapy (Per Year)$350$350$350$350
Medical Devices (Per Year)$350$350$350$350


  • 80% reimbursement is offered as standard.
  • All plans included coverage for exam fees, prescriptions, and hospitalizations.
  • Two deductible options are available.
  • Deductibles are paid once per year, no matter how many claims you make.
  • If you adopt a pet through the Toronto Humane Society, receive an eight-week free trial of pet insurance.
  • THS promotes the care and protection of all animals.
  • Additional benefits include $1,00 for loss pet advertising and $1,000 for cremation or burial.


  • Customer services are not available 24/7.
  • Some of the plans can be more expensive than THS’ competitors.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Your dog insurance covers a portion of your pet’s veterinary expenses. It protects you from the risks of having to pay expensive medical fees for your dog’s treatment. The same goes for cat insurance, though it’s a bit cheaper.

Having dog insurance that covers costly bills is a wise investment. If your dog becomes sick or injured, simply:

  • Visit a certified vet.
  • Receive the relevant treatment.
  • Pay as you would normally.
  • Submit your claim for reimbursement.

You should always look for dog insurance plans that cover 80% to 90% of the cost of treatment. You will need to decide which treatments you want covering, and which you are willing to risk.

It will save you money in the long run, especially as your dog ages. If you don’t have coverage, you can be hit with vet bills that add up to be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Often without any warning.

If major surgery is needed, you’ll have to cover those expenses. Having your dog insured saves you from the dilemma of having your dog put down because you can’t afford to pay the vet bill.

What Are the Best Pet Insurance Policies?

The best dog insurance provides coverage for both accidents and injuries. They also cover dog illnesses, exam fees, and a wide range of basic veterinary care services. Insurance costs vary depending on some key factors, including:

  • Pet breed. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to certain illnesses. Others have longer or shorter lifespans.
  • Age. The older a dog is, the more prone it’ll be to sicknesses. So it’s always cheaper to get your pup insured while they’re young.
  • Where you live. The environment you’re located in is also an important factor. Consider how likely your dog will need to get checkups for types of diseases that are common in your area.

When choosing the best cover for your dog, look for 80%+ coverage of all veterinary costs. You really want coverage for all essential medical care so there are not large vet bills to worry about.

As with most financial products, there is a huge variety of options available. It’s always important to pick dog insurance that fits your budget.

Policy costs are always dependent on how comprehensive you want the coverage to be. If you want to pay less per veterinary visit, then you will have to pay more in premiums each month. It’s a trade off between lower monthly payments or a higher reimbursement level.

Some providers also offer plans that let you set an amount for medical expenses you’d like them to cover each year. The amount you are reimbursed varies depending on the plan you take.

Important Terms

Here are some terms you need to understand when looking at pet insurance options:

  • The deductible. This is the amount you are required to pay (yearly or per medical visit) for a bill before the insurer pays you back. This ranges from $0 to $1,000.
  • The reimbursement level. This is a percentage of the total expenses that your insurer guarantees to pay back.
  • The annual max. This is the maximum amount your insurer will pay for medical expenses each year. Any charges incurred above the max will not be covered.

It is also important to be aware that the costs are also determined by the level of coverage you opt for. Additionally, some plans provide you with the option of buying add-ons. These cover options the pet insurance plan usually doesn’t cover, such as exam fees and prescription food.

Features and Coverages to Consider

Weigh your options carefully. Be mindful of your pet’s conditions and location. Then go for the most comprehensive pet insurance policy that fits your budget.

Here are some benefits that are good to include in your plan of choice:

  • accidents and illnesses
  • x-rays, scans, P E T scans
  • surgeries
  • diagnostics
  • medications
  • dental coverage
  • behavioural therapy
  • boarding or kennel fees
  • emergency care and hospitalization
  • no waiting period for treatment
  • eye conditions

Some policies also cover de-sexing and vaccinations. They also include emergency boarding fees if you are ever in a position where you are unable to care for your pets.

Note that most dog insurance plans don’t provide coverage for the following:

  • pre-existing conditions of your pet
  • elective procedures
  • behavioural problems
  • grooming

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive pet insurance Canada has to offer, Trupanion may be the best option for pet owners. Trupanion is a licensed insurance company that focuses exclusively on pet health. It was the first pet insurance company in Canada. Trupanion offers a wide variety of services to suit your pet’s needs.

The Bottom Line

In Canada, pet insurance is becoming more and more popular. Especially dog insurance. Getting dogs insured could save you thousands of dollars in veterinary care expenses over the lifetime of the dog. Having the right plan in place gives you peace of mind.

For many, pets are a member of the family. You would do anything to keep them healthy and safe. To ensure they live a long, happy life. The right policy makes if a lot easier and helps you manage future costs.

We have picked our favourite options, all you need to do is find the best dog insurance for your needs and get insured today.